Kahraman Babam Is The Subject Of The Series And Its Actors! New Series

 Who are the cast of Kahraman Babam? What's in a name? What is the subject of the directory? 2. When will the episode air? What channel? At what time?

Show TV's 10. Evans began his screen adventure with the first episode of the eagerly awaited series ‘Kırmızı Kamyon’.

Heroic firefighters ' action and exciting struggle to save lives, ignoring their lives, locked the audience on the screen.

His Name Has Changed!

In addition to the lives and hard struggles of firefighters, the tough struggle of Fire Sergeant Uğur, whose life was almost turned upside down after he lost his wife in a fire, and the emotional moments he experienced with his daughter my life managed to shake the viewer deeply from the first episode.

But then the series was decamped. During this break, the name of the series 'Kırmızı Kamyon' changed to 'Kahraman Babam' Dec.

From June 2. new episodes of the series, which will continue its on-screen adventure with the episode, will continue to air in the summer.

After the decals and name changes, how the series will perform in the ratings struggle is the subject of great curiosity.

'Kahraman Babam', who is preparing to hit the screens with his story that combines drama and adventure, will sign a job that has not been done before in Turkey by telling the lives and hard struggles of heroic firefighters.

'Kahraman Babam' Cast

'Kahraman Babam', which has made a big sound with its promos released to date, is Wednesday with its different story and strong cast

he's getting ready to mark his evening.

Script supervisor assumed the role of schema Ergenekon; Love Yilmaz, Osman Özdemir revolution rock star rock and spring where they meet with the regime of the pen of the ‘Kahraman Babam' of the cast of the series; Glory, we're glad Nila Sea, Ushan Cakir Fatih Al, Tuğçe Altuğ, Sea Hamzaoğlu, Orcan Original, Solid Soil, Mohamed Length, Ebrar Alya Demirbilek, Burak Berkay Ahmet Timur Olkebas, Gurberk Polat Apple MacBook Air Sony Vaio Bell, Melissa Akman, Arda Uğur President, Hakan Altıner, John Paterson, Live Aydınoğlu Mehmet Mehmetof, Kagan Uluca Tuğçe Karabayir and meet.

'Kahraman Babam'' official Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/kahramanbabamdizi/


'Kahraman Babam' is a Turkish television series in the action and drama genre. Osman Kaya is sitting in the director's chair and Sevgi Yılmaz, Devrim Yıldız Özdemir and Bahar Kaya are writing the screenplay.

Where Is It Filmed?

The cast of the new series 'Kahraman Babam' received extensive fire department training at the Istanbul Fire Department Training Center in preparation for the series. Filming of the series usually takes place in Istanbul.

The players who finished their training received their certificates from the chairman of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department and made their success official.

In addition to these trainings, consultant staff firefighters, on the one hand, accompany the set team through the shooting process, and on the other hand, conduct joint and detailed work with the script team. The technical equipment used during the filming is mainly provided by the Yalova Fire Department and the Çiftlikköy Fire Department connected to Yalova, while the Istanbul Fire Department similarly supports the Series team with technical equipment.


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