ÇOK GÜZEL HAREKETLER Who Is CEMİLE CANYURT? How Old Is She? From where? Who Is The Wife? Height And Weight

 There are many curious topics about Cemile Canyurt, who is among the players of BKM Mutfak. Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 various searches are made on search engines about the life of a successful player who is very much loved by his viewers. Information such as how old he is, height and weight is curious. For this reason, we have prepared for you an informative and detailed biography article about the talented player of the ÇGHB 2 staff.

Çok Güzel Hareketler - Who Is Cemile Canyurt? 

Cemile Canyurt Life https://youtu.be/V_1Dy0Dyyr4

He was born in Kırıkkale on March 15, 1992.

His childhood years were spent in Ankara.

He met the theatre in 2005.

In his first play, he performed at Elmadağ Public Education Center in Ankara.

Although he joined those who swallowed the stage dust, he built his dreams and goals on being a successful actor.

He studied acting in the Capital Theatres and several private theatres in Ankara.

In 2009, she acted at Ankara City Theatre.

Canyurt, who acted in the Bolu regional theater and The Young Arts Ensemble at the University where he studied, 6. During the season, he participated as a contestant with the group terse corner.

He also worked as an animator for various companies.

He also worked as an instructor in some schools.

He was an actor in our mission comedy, which aired on FOX TV.

After his father said,’ You will choose a tangible profession, ' he continued his theatrical work in secret for a period.

When this situation was learned, he had to postpone his acting dreams for a short time and he won the Department of Food Engineering at Abant Izzet Baysal university.

He took part in many plays and organizations in university communities and private theaters.

As he attended school, he constantly looked for a way to come to Istanbul, participated in several TV programs and acted in short films.

As soon as school ended, he breathed in Istanbul.

How did he become a BKM player?

He was always going to BKM, watching shows.

He was looking for a way to get through the door of BKM as a player.

In 2016, she joined the improvisational theatre League at BKM kitchen.

He finished the season first as a ‘temporary theatre’ team with 3 friends.

Then he was included in the squad of very beautiful movements 2, which he had long dreamed of.

He currently writes sketches and performs in plays.

Who Is The Wife?

He is married to the successful name Mertkan Kaya, who continues his professional career by being registered with the Stand Talents Manager agency.

He actively uses Twitter and Instagram.

As of the time of writing, he has 9,599 followers on Twitter.

Blue click's official Instagram account has 151,000 followers.

Twitter address https://twitter.com/CanyurtCemile

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/cemilecanyurt/

Where Is Cemile Canyurt Originally From?

He Is Originally From Kırıkkaleli.

Is Pisces.

He is 1.60 tall and weighs 60 kg.

Some Projects He Has Participated In To Date

Yapı Kredi-Advertising Film (2016))

Our Mission Comedy-Television Series (2016))

Very Nice Moves 2-Television Show (2018)

Organized Works Carp Spiral-Motion Picture (2019)


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