Bozkır Aslanı Celaleddin Series Subject And Actors!

 The new series Bozkır Aslanı Celaleddin series will meet the audience on atv screens very soon. For you, we have prepared an informative article and video about the theme and actors of the series. We talked about the names in the cast. Many details about the series can be found in our article.


The series Bozkır Aslanı Celaleddin, tells the life of Jalaluddin Harzemshah, the last leader of the Harzemshahs State.

Jalaluddin Harzemshah is a true hero and statesman who defeated the armies of the invincible ruler Genghis Khan in a row and destroyed the myth that the Mongol armies could not be defeated.

The production and project design of the series belongs to Mehmet Bozdag, who tells the story of “Bozkır Aslanı Celaleddin”, who tries to bring the Islamic world out of the great civil war and chaos in which he was dragged, who gave the Mongols the first defeat and destroyed the myth of their invincibility.

Genghis Khan “if I had a son like him by saying,” only the king expressed his respect, courage tolerances of the bone, which tells the legendary story of Jalaluddin karahans honorable warrior Bozkır Aslanı Celaleddin, a Turkish-Uzbek joint construction of a very important series.

Great Labor Spent

Before filming of the series, historians and scientists from different countries studied the biography of Jalaluddin Harezmshah and the events that occurred at that time. After that, the script of the series was carefully prepared.

For the series, where the battle scenes were intense, the cast underwent many training sessions.

A lot of effort has been made to come up with a perfect series.

Intensive collaboration was achieved between producers, directors, screenwriters, historians, consultants, artists, art directors, architects and costume designers.

The series, in which 1,200 people worked on the construction of the set, was filmed with a crew of 500 people.

Even in order to prepare only the animation effects of the series, a team of 200 people from Turkey, England, India and Malaysia was formed.

More than 200 tailors in the country prepared costumes for the series.


Directed by Metin Gunay and directed by Nurgissa Almurat from Kazakhstan, the series is on Milly TV channel in Uzbekistan

A total of 13 episodes were broadcast in 60-minute episodes and received great attention.

Currently, it continues to be broadcast in the country on Sunday under the name Mendirman Jaloliddin.

The cast of the series, which began to be broadcast on atv screens in Turkey, is quite crowded.

Starring Emre spark, Uzbekistan's Yulduz Radjova, Rano Shodiyeva, Rayxoun Ulesanova, Tohir Saidov, Saide Rametova, Gulenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu.

In addition, Cemal Hunal, Sezgin Erdemir, Ferhat Yilmaz, Kaan Yalçın from Turkey are also included in the cast.

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