ADA MASALI Series Cast And Subject

 Preparations are underway for the 2021-2022 Series season. At the moment, the summer series is a priority, but it is also worth noting that. If some summer series continue to receive ratings in the fall, they can continue until the end of the season, or even the second season can be filmed. Here is one of the summer series that is still being prepared for the Ada Masalı series. For you, we have turned the details of the new series into an article.

ADA MASALI Series Cast And Subject Video

When Does It Begin?

Filming on the Ada Masalı began recently, but the first promotional video for the series is likely to be released in early June. 1 according to this calculation. The episode will barely catch up towards the end of June.

What Channel Will It Be Broadcast On?

The new series Island tale will be broadcast on Star TV screens. Information about the time and day is not yet available, of course, but we will try to inform you as new details about the issue emerge.


“Ada Masalı” series, prepared by Ay Yapım for Star TV and shot in Izmir, is among the most ambitious series of the new season.

Ali Bilgin is sitting in the director's chair of the series starring ALP Navruz (Deniz) and Ayça Ayşin Turan (Derya).

A series written by Yelda Eroglu is in the genre of romantic comedy.


In the series, Alp Navruz portrays the character of the Sea.

Ayça Ayşin Turan gives life to the character of Derya.

Nihan Büyükağaç plays the character of Selma FIR, who is very talented in fashion design, tailoring and is Derya's aunt.

In Eylül Ersöz gives life to Derya's cousin Nehir character.

Fashion Show organizer Görkem Doğan portrays his character Bulent Çolak.

Selma's life will change after she arrives on the island.

The stars of splendor with the Sea (Alp Navruz) will not make much peace at first.


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