Who Is YEŞİM DURSUN? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

 'Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar' (ÇGHB) 2 player Yeşim Dursun who is? How old is Yeşim Dursun, who is among the BKM players? Where is he originally from? Height, sign and weight. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. A short biography article with information about it.

Comedy program aired on Channel D screens Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar 2 ( ÇGHB )still continue to come to the screens.

Yeşim Dursun is one of the names that everyone is curious about in the television program, which features a large number of young talents in its staff.

A talented player who drowned the audience in a deluge of laughter as soon as he suddenly appeared in all the sketches he took part in, especially with his unique body language and diction in games, he became a phenomenal character.

Because of the dialect he uses, everyone wonders where he is originally from.

There are many interesting topics about him in search engines on the internet, but he is a name that does not have much information about his personal life.

However, we have gathered all the information we can find for you.

As we find new information, we will try to add it to our article.

Who Is Yeşim Dursun?

Yeşim Dursun Life https://youtu.be/gQ8H0pfH4R4

Yeşim Dursun was born in Istanbul on August 15, 1996.

He completed his high school education in Accounting at Avcılar Ticaret Meslek Lisesi between 2010 and 2014.

He then went on to study both accountancy and radio and television from the Faculty of open education.

After that, he studied acting in front of the camera for 6 months in a private theater.

He has been involved in the very beautiful movements 2 team and is still actively performing for a long time.

Where Is He Originally From?

It is not known where Yeşim Dursun is from, but it is claimed that he is a compatriot of Yilmaz Erdogan.

Height And Weight

Although height and weight information has been entered on various sites, they are not very accurate. The numbers given are illogical. Because the player is quite tall and built. There's no clear-cut information.

What's His Sign?

A player who is a lion is registered with a Stand Talent Manager Agency.

Instagram Address

He doesn't use Facebook or Twitter. We can't say he uses his Instagram account too often. As of the time this article was prepared, it appears that 37 shares were made. The number of followers is also 14,200.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/yesimdursunnn/

We hope to learn more about young talent…


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