Who Is TUĞBA YILMAZ? How Old Is She? From where? Height And Weight! BKM player biography

 Who is BKM player Tuğba Yılmaz? How old is he and where is he from? Horoscope, height and weight. He has been involved in theatres, series and films to date. Biography article with information about it. Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar (ÇGHB) 2 who is Tuğba Yılmaz in the squad? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Comedy content program broadcast on Kanal D television channel Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar 2 ( ÇGHB ) still continues to come to the screens.

One of the names that everyone is interested in is Tuğba Yılmaz in the comedy program, which features a large number of young talents in its staff. Who is Tuğba Yılmaz who attracts the attention of the audience with her outstanding acting performance and beauty? Here are the details…

BKM Tuğba Yılmaz Life https://youtu.be/JTZOhkivYWc

Almost all of the comments about him on platforms such as sour dictionary are positive, and the player's private life is also curious. In all the sketches he took part in, the young player, who managed to raise the energy of the game with his aura, managed to attract attention, especially with his excited attitude and fast speech in games.

A player who manages to use his body language and facial expressions skillfully is indeed one of the players who steps firmly on the ground in games.

There are many interesting topics about him in search engines on the internet, but he is a name that does not have much information about his personal life.

Although he mentions himself in live broadcasts on Instagram from time to time, some information about him is not yet known.

However, we have gathered all the details we can find for you.

As we find new information, we will try to add it to our article.

Who Is Tuğba Yılmaz?

Tuğba Yılmaz was born in Izmir on May 2, 1994.

She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of language and history and Geography Department of theatre/acting in 2016.

In 2016-2018, she acted in various plays at Ankara State Theatre.

He also worked in private theater.

She came to Istanbul from Ankara in 2019 and also acted in Istanbul State Theatre in 2019.

In the same year he met BKM kitchen.

He was included in the very nice moves 2 team and is still actively involved in games.

According to information on the IMDB Site, he also played an episode in the television series Heartbeat and Mary.

From where?

Originally From Gaziantep. She is single. The sign of Taurus is. His height and weight are unknown.

He lives in Istanbul with his parents.

Stand Talends is registered with the Management Agency.

Twitter Address

Facebook doesn't use it as far as it's known.

He uses Twitter and Instagram, though not very often.

As of the time of this post, he has 6,108 followers on his Twitter account and 81,800 followers on his Instagram address.

Twitter account address https://twitter.com/benbrokoli

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/tugbayiilmaaz/

We hope we can get more detailed information about young talent and add to our article!


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