Who Is The Innocence ( MASUMİYET ) Series Bahar Really? Who Is DENİZ ÇAKIR? From where? How Old Is She? Height And Weight!

 Who is the Bahar character in (Masumiyet) İnnocence? Who is Deniz Çakır and where is he from? Series and films he has played to date. Height, weight and sign. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram address. Bahar of İnnocence (Masumiyet) the life of Deniz Çakır. A detailed biography article with information about it. Wikipedia information.

Who Is Deniz Çakır?

Deniz Çakır biography video https://youtu.be/bP-bGzQ9jVs

Deniz Cakir is a theater, TV series and film actor.

He is also a voice actor.

He was born in Ankara on 31 December 1982.

He attended high school at Ayrancı Super High School in Ankara.

Between 2000-2004, he performed Radio Theater on Ankara radio and sang radio commercials.

Deniz Cakir, who often went to theater plays during his school years, was very impressed with Zeynep Eronat's performance in a play that he watched one day.

He then decided to become an actor and took acting lessons from Master names such as Cihan Unal.

Deniz Cakir received his university education in acting.

He completed his education at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Theatre Department and graduated with success.

Starring Serials And Films

He has acted in numerous series to date and is etched into the audience's memory with the characters he portrays in many of the productions he has appeared in.

Her first acting experience was in the series “Woman Wants”, where she attracted attention for her role as flame.

He had a successful acting career for 5 years with the character Ferhunde in the series” defoliation " and became an actor who began to be recognized all over the country.

Her acting in the series won her The Best Supporting Actress award in the drama category at the Ismail Cem Television Awards, which were presented for the first time in 2010.

In the 2011-2012 season, she co-starred with Ibrahim Celikkol in the series chastity and gave life to the character of chastity.

He became a household name when he played the character of Shah Sultan in the TV series Magnificent Century between 2012 and 2013.

Between 2015-2018, she played the character of Meryem Çakırbeyli for 107 episodes in the phenomenon series “Bandit does not rule the world”.

In 2019, he gave life to the character Reyhan in the series” Vurgun".

Apart from the series in which he starred, the actor has done voice-over work in many commercials and Motion Pictures.

He also acted in theatre plays and motion pictures.

Kako Si? He appeared in films called 40, or later.

Deniz Cakir, who currently plays the character of Bahar Yüksel in the series Innocence, which aired on FOX screens, during his acting career

he also received numerous awards for his successful performances in productions in which he participated.

Information About Deniz Çakır

A famous name frequently featured in the tabloid press is among the 20 female Turkish television actors who have the most fans on the internet.

The actress, who was chosen as one of the most beautiful faces in Turkey in the poll of the website called Ayaklı Gazeta, was called “Turkey's most loved “Bad woman”” in the past by e-kolay.

In addition, 32 thousand people participated in a survey of Turkey's 10 most beautiful celebrities list.

“Boxer magazine”, one of the leading men's magazines in Turkey, cited Deniz Cakir as one of the sexiest women in the country.

Where's 'Deniz Çakır' From?

The actor, who was originally from Ankara by his father and from Kırşehir by his mother, has a brother.

His hobbies include boxing, painting, singing, dancing and photography.

The famous actress, who has a decidedly beautiful voice, is also a complete bookworm and writes occasional poems.

He is a complete animal lover, especially he loves cats and dogs very much.

Height And Weight!

He has his own personal website, and he's pretty good with social media.

As of the time of this post, the Facebook page opened in his name has 184,000 followers on Twitter, 80,100 on Instagram, 1,900,000.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/denizcakir/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/DenizCkr

Personal website http://www.denizcakir.com.tr/

Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/denizcakirfan

Finally, for those who may be wondering, let's give the following information.

Deniz Cakir is single. He is 1.75 tall. He weighs 62 pounds and is Capricorn.


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