Who is The For My Family Mazlum? Who Is KAAN SEVİ And How Old Is He? Starring Serials

 The atv series, which is watched with interest, is also a very interesting series with the players of For My Family. The weekly series, which features talented and young players from each other in its staff, is also progressing well above the ratings. One of the most curious names of the series is the oppressed character. So who is the oppressed character really?

Who Is The For My Family Mazlum?

Kaan Sevi is the name of the actor who gave life to the oppressed character in the series For My Family who is Kaan Sevi? How old is he and where is he from? Series and films he has played to date. Height, weight and sign. Twitter and Instagram address. All these topics are searched by viewers in search engines. So we've put together the answers we can find for you. As some information becomes clear, let's remind you that we can add to our article. Here's our biography article with information about Kaan Sevi. In addition, if you want, you can also visually learn about his life with the video that we add to the end of the article.

Who Is Kaan Sevi?

Kaan Sevi is a theatre, TV series and film actor.

He was born in Izmir on 25 April 1994.

She developed an interest in acting during her primary school years and appeared in plays staged at the school.

Interested in both acting and sports from an early age, Kaan Sevi began to play the sport of sailing when he was four or five years old.

He played college basketball for 13 years.

A young talent who also worked as a photo model and diving instructor for a period received his high school education in the radio and television department at Izmir American College.

He received his university education at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of film and television.

After receiving special acting training at Başkent communication Academy and master names such as Beyti Engin, he turned to the film and series sector.

Series And Movies

He had his first acting experience in 2017 playing the character Ali in the TV series The Legend, which aired on Kanal D screens.

In 2018, he appeared as Samper in the motion picture The Good Game.

In 2019, he gave life to the character Corporal Koray in the series seizure, which aired on Show TV.

In the same year, he appeared in the film digital bondage as Burak.

After that, he appeared in the series Mr. Wrong and in the series Sefir's daughter, which aired on Star TV screens.

The young talent currently plays the character of the oppressed in the series My Brothers, which is broadcast on atv screens.

He also performs in theatre plays.

Height And Weight

The player who lives in Istanbul is a bachelor. The sign of Taurus is. He is 1.80 tall and weighs 76 pounds. Although it is not known exactly where he was originally from, we can say that he was from Izmir when we look at his life. It is not known if he had a lover.

He actively uses social media and at the time of writing, he had over 3,000 followers on Twitter and 57,300 on Instagram.

Twitter address https://twitter.com/kaansevii

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/kaansevi/

Kaan Sevi biography video https://youtu.be/0RvRJoRnOHw


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