Who Is CENAN ADIGÜZEL? How Old Is She? Who Is The Lover? Height And Weight

 Yilmaz Erdogan under the direction of  'Çok Güzel Hareketler 2' about 40 players with Channel D screens continues to be. BKM Mutfak has garnered the audience's appreciation with its theatre plays prepared by young talents. ÇHG 2 is progressing quite successfully both on stage and on television screens. The lives of BKM players are also frequently searched on search engines. One of the most curious players is Cenan Adıgüzel. Not only with the program of Çok Güzel Hareketler 2, but also with live broadcasts on Instagram, there are many interesting topics about the handsome player, whose reputation has recently increased.

Who Is Cenan Adıgüzel?

Who is Cenan Adıgüzel https://youtu.be/KHKpIG-xu8k

Who is' BKM Mutfak ' infrastructure player Cenan Adıgüzel? Where is he originally from and how old is he? What's his height, weight, and sign? Does he have a girlfriend? as the answer to many questions is high on the list of those who are curious about the handsome player. So we tried to gather as much information as we could about him for you. Let us remind you that we can update our article as new information emerges over time. You can also contribute to our article with your comments and opinions.

How Old Is She?

Cenan Adıgüzel was born on July 1, 1994 in Kayseri province.

After finishing primary school in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, he completed high school in Kayseri.

He started performing in theaters when he was in high school.

He then moved to Istanbul for university.

After a year of studying at Marmara University, he left school and won the Acting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Beykent university and graduated with success.

Height And Weight

Turkey first recognized the name Cenan Adıgüzel in 2006 with the program 'our mission is comedy'.

In 2019, he joined the 'very nice moves 2' team. He is still acting in this structure and takes part in the program with his sketches.

In 2016, Cenan Adıgüzel, who drew attention especially with his semtical transformation sketch, also appeared in the film impossible possibility as Ismail.

He is 1.78 cm tall and weighs 76 pounds. His sign is crab.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Because the handsome player has many fans, he is constantly wondering if he has a lover or not. Although his name is referred to by various names, as far as he is currently known, he does not have a lover.

Where Is He Originally From?

A famous name who continues his acting career by registered with the stand Talends Manager agency lives in Besiktas, Istanbul. Originally From Kayseri.

Twitter And Instagram Address

As of the time of writing, his Twitter account has 20,400 followers. His Instagram account also has 252,000 followers.

Twitter address link https://twitter.com/cenann

Instagram address link https://www.instagram.com/cenan1/


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