Polly Gray From Peaky Blinders Has Died!

Helen McCrory, who gave life to the character Polly Gray in the series Peaky Blinders, has died. Fans of the series and the actor are deeply saddened.

A famous actor who was among the leading actors of the series Peaky Blinders and was also awarded for his acting performance has died. Fans of the series and those who knew the artist from other productions in which he was involved were very upset when they received the news. His wife, actor Damian Lewis, announced the bitter news in a post on Twitter.

Lewis, who used the description of a “strong and beautiful woman” for his wife, expressed his sadness at the news of his death in a message posted on Twitter. “He died as he lived, fearlessly, " Lewis said on his social media account. We love him and know how lucky we are to have him,” she shared.

The post was retweeted thousands of times within hours, with fans saying they were very sorry under the post. The artist was known to have been battling cancer for some time.

Born August April 17, 1968, he died April 16, 2021. The famous actor, who has appeared in many series and films throughout his career, managed to raise £ 1 million in aid for health workers with his wife before he died. The successful actor had 1 Daughter and one son.


  1. Get it straight and provide respect due. to Ms. McCrory, did anyone edit this? "He" is She His acring edited to Her acting. Please!!!! Edit this correctly immediately.


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