Legacy ( Emanet ) 152. Episode Promo Trailer! What Will Happen In The New Episode?

 Legacy (Emanet) 152. The episode's promotional trailer was released by the Channel 7 YouTube channel! Among the daily series, it was one of the most acclaimed series. Welcome to our new episode trailer analysis post at (Legacy) Emanet, which adds a separate action every evening. The Legacy (Emanet) sequence continues to get exciting every day. What will happen in the new part of the trust? 152. What will happen in the episode? Will Zuhal and Iqbal achieve their goals? Will Yaman find out all the facts?

Emanet 152. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 152 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

Legacy (Emanet) 152. Episode Introduction Trailer

We'll see more scenes of Yaman and Seher tomorrow night in Channel 7's beloved daily series, Safety. Although Zuhal and Iqbal make plans, their plans fall into the water every time. Yaman will learn about the fake passport incident in the coming days, the options ahead are: 1. Option, Seher will honestly go and tell Yaman everything and make it up to him, or 2. As an option, the envelope brought by The Courier will contain audio recordings of the detective, and Yaman will learn all the facts, but let's not forget that these events have nothing to do with the excitement given in the trailer and what happened in the new episode.

What Will Happen In The New Episode? (Legacy) Emanet Array Analysis

In new episodes of the escrow series, he will never let go of the hard facts. As a last resort, Yaman will consider talking to Seher, as we saw in the trailer for the new episode, Yaman says that he wants to go to Seher and find out the truth. In the new episodes of the series, The Script will no longer be extended, Seher will tell all his feelings towards Yaman.

Iqbal and Zuhal, who thought that it was disastrous for them for Yaman to learn the facts, were helpless, so in the new episodes, Iqbal and Zuhal will try everything they can to prevent the facts from being revealed. On the other hand, he will try to stay away from Seher yaman at first, but later he will admit that he is valuable to him. And when Yaman says that Seher loves him, he will find a clear answer to all the questions in his mind and understand Seher. In Yaman, he is not empty towards Seher, but rather loves him and cares about him.

In new episodes of entrust series, Yaman and Seher's eternal love will be penned. Those episodes that everyone has been eagerly waiting for and wanting will come soon. This situation will be most problematic for Iqbal and Zuhal. Yaman will find out all the facts in the New weeks and pull the plug on Zuhal and Iqbal, but it will certainly take time for Yaman to find out all the facts.


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