Emanet 150. Episode Trailer! What Will Happen In The New Episodes?

 Emanet 150. The trailer for the episode was released! What will happen in the new episodes of the Emanet series? What's the deal between Yaman and Seher? Is Joseph going to die? Zuhal and Iqbal's plans are being deciphered? What's the big confession to come in new episodes of the escrow series? Is Selim leaving the show? Welcome to our escrow series analysis post, where all events will be explained.

In the new episodes of the series, the excitement and action will be at the climax, Nazmiye Hanım seems to bring to the hearty mouth. First, Yaman will regret what he did to Seher, but then it looks like it will be late. Although Nazmiye Hanım excited us in the series, we all knew that the facts would not come out immediately.

150-151-152 Episode Trailer / New Episode Analysis

In new episodes of the series, Yaman will be one step closer to solving the secret about the file, and when Yaman, who went to meet the detective, returns empty-handed, he will realize that there is a big game and will not let it go. In a new episode of the escrow series, we will watch his efforts to redeem himself against Yaman. Yaman, who is trying to explain these events, will not be able to redeem himself to Seher. Joseph was the main reason why this love lasted so long and there was no great resentment between Seher and Yaman.…

What Will Happen In The New Episode Of The Emanet Series?

Yaman and Seher have feelings for each other, we can understand this from their behavior, but they cannot admit to each other due to constant anxiety on both sides, so the witches Zuhal and Iqbal come between them. But they will no longer be able to enter 2 brothers between the couple. He believed in Yaman Seher very much, and he was not deceived by all the slander thrown at Yaman Seher in previous episodes, but he still trusted Seher.

Emanet 152. Episode Analysis

In future episodes of the escrow series, the confession seems to come from Selim. If Iqbal and Zuhal confess the truth, they will be fired from the mansion because they will lock the blame on Selim and manage to get out of it Zuhal and Iqbal will invite Selim to his game again, and then Selim will tell Yamana that he has accepted the crime. From the beginning of the series, we couldn't warm to Selim. In fact, Yaman was always right in his thoughts, there was a reason why he kept him away from Selim.

Emanet 150. Episode trailer analysis https://youtu.be/P1BFe3Lo3_8


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