ÇGH 2 Who Is Arzu Susantez? How Old Is She? Biography

 Who is Arzu Susantez, BKM Mutfak infrastructure player? Çok Güzel Hareketler 2 How old is the player? Detailed biography with information about.

Arzu Susantez was born on 8 January 1990 in Ankara.

After graduating from TED Ankara College Foundation private high school with an international baccalaureate degree, he completed his bachelor's degree at Bilkent University Faculty of law. He then completed his master's degree at Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences Informatics Law Program.

Currently, he continues The Sociology open curriculum of Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty.

Since 2006, he has been working as a volunteer in social responsibility projects carried out within various non-governmental organizations.

He ended his legal career after serving as a lawyer at various law offices and institutions until 2017.

She studied acting at Craft acting workshop and Deniz Erdem studio.

On January 8, 2018, he joined the cast of very nice movements 2, where he continues his work as an actor and writer.

Knows English and German. He has a dog named Debra.

A Capricorn player continues his career as a stand talent manager. He's pretty good with social media, and at the time of writing, he had 1,750 followers on Twitter. He also has 12,200 followers on Instagram.

Films In Which He Appeared

Our Great Desperation 2011

Chronology (2019)

Twitter address https://twitter.com/xum81

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/xum81/


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