Who Is Innocence Series ( Masumiyet ) Neval? Who Is ALAYÇA ÖZTÜRK GİDİŞOĞLU? How Old Is She?

 We continue to introduce you to famous people who are acting in TV series in Turkey. In this article, we will tell you about an actor in the series 'İnnocence' (Masumiyet).

Who's the Neval character in (Masumiyet) İnnocence? Who is Alayça Öztürk Gidişoğlu by his real name? How old is she? Films and series he has played to date. Is he married? Who is the wife? Wikipedia information. What's his height, weight, and sign? Twitter, Instagram address. Biography article with information about it. Information about his life and career. Been wondering…

Who Is Alayça Ozturk Gidişoğlu?

Life of Alayça Gidişoğlu https://youtu.be/6Nemi4o_69s

Alayça Gidişoglu is a theater, film and TV actor, as well as a voice actor.
His full name is Alayça Öztürk Gidişoğlu.
He was born on April 12, 1984 in Istanbul to an immigrant family.
At the age of 7, Alayça Gidişoglu, who dreams of becoming a theater actor, performed in theater plays as an amateur when he was in middle school and high school.
He attended high school in Goztepe high school and graduated in 2001.
In order to achieve his goal of acting professionally, he chose to study at the University in the theater department.
After 4 years of training, he graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre Department in 2008
he graduated.
After that, he received various trainings related to his profession from important names such as Sharif Sezer, Işıl Yücesoy, Zeliha Berksoy.

Alayça Özturk Gidişoglu Films And Series

To date, he has acted in numerous commercial films and performed in many theatre plays.
Simultaneously with her acting career, she also performed voice-overs in various productions.
He made his acting debut in front of the camera in 2002 with the series Don't Forget Me.
In 2005, she played in the series “three women”, which aired on TRT 1 screens, featuring actors such as Fikret Hakan, Ipek Tenolcay, Fatma Karanfil, Nefise Karatay.
He played in the series “O Love Where Are you”, which aired on ATV in 2009, featuring successful actors such as Tayanç Ayaydın, Görkem Yeltan, Serkan Keskin, Fusun Demirel.
In 2012, he appeared in the Film Carnival in the role of Naz.
In 2013, he starred in the series “such a passing time”, which aired on Kanal D screens and featured actors such as Erkan Petekkaya, Ayça Bingöl, Muhammet Uzuner, Wilma Elles, Mete Roozoğlu.
After leaving this series, he joined the cast of the series Vurgun, Honeysuckle Street, you don't go, Factory Girl, respectively.
In 2016, she starred in the motion picture ‘Ve curtain’.
In 2017, aired on ATV, Emrah, Burcu Kıratlı, Işıl Yücesoy, Kenan Bal, Cüneyt Mete, including very successful actors such as “Love and Blue” gave life to the character of Safiye.
The series 'Love and Blue' was arguably the biggest outing of the actor's career.
Thanks to his excellent acting performance in this series, he became a name recognized by large audiences.
In 2019, she played the character of Prosecutor Jülide Yalçinkaya in the TV series Once Upon a time Çukurova.
Currently, he gives life to the character of Neval Hanci in the series called Innocence, which is broadcast on FOX TV.

Alayça Öztürk Gidişoğlu Height, Weight And Sign

Alayça Gidişoglu is married to Sercan Gidişoglu, the General Secretary of The Players ' Union, an artist and also an academic.
The Dark Is Fenerbahçe. He's Aries. He is 1.70 tall and weighs 59 pounds.
He actively uses Twitter and Instagram, and as of the moment this post was prepared, he is on his blue click Instagram account
It has 73,200 followers.


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