Watch The Latest Episode Of ( MASUMLAR APARTMANI ) The Innocent Apartment Full! 26. Part One Piece

 The indispensable of our Tuesday evenings, TRT 1's series that locked us all on the screen, (Masumlar Apartmanı) The İnnocent Apartment, was broadcast in the last episode, again giving those who watched moments full of emotion.

26 of the series, where events have not calmed down and tensions are constantly on the rise. in his episode, we witnessed interesting scenes. The point of view that sheds light on the reality of the series, whose script was written by quoting The Book of Gulseren Budayicioglu, in which sad stories that hurt us are intensively experienced, has once again shaken us all deeply.

(Masumlar Apartmanı) Innocent Apartment Last Episode Watch Full YouTube

(Masumlar Apartmanı) Apartment Of The Innocent 26. Episodes

What Will Happen In The New Chapter Of The Innocent Apartment (Masumlar Apartmanı)? 27. Has The Episode Trailer Been Released?

The question of what will happen next week in the next episode has already started to bother us. In the new episode, Safiye will be waiting for difficult, very, very difficult days. Safiye, who cannot get rid of the influence of his mother Hasibe and still carries the pain that his mother has caused him in her heart, will struggle with these problems that have accumulated within herself. I wonder if Safia will be able to overcome all these problems and keep her family together despite everything?

Khan learns that Naci knows a truth about himself that no one has ever known before. He'll take a very hard line against Naci, Han will corner Naci. Pearl finds out that Memduh is a taxi driver. He will meet with Memduh to discuss this situation, and he will be caught by Khan because he does not know that he is following him step by step. Han will misunderstand this meeting. The problems between Pearl and Khan will grow even bigger. Gulben, meanwhile, will completely remove Assad from his life and sail towards a new love. See you next week in the new episode. Goodbye for now.


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