SEN ÇAL KAPIMI (Knock On My Door) 35. Episode Trailer! What Will Happen In The New Episode?

 “You play my door“, shared by Hande ERÇEL and Kerem Bursin, the lead roles that came to the screens on FOX TV, was again a guest in our homes with a great episode this week. Sen Çal Kapımı Knock On My Door, 35. Has the episode trailer been released? Did the trailer for the new episode of the series knock on our door be released?

34. in the episode, Kerem began to question his feelings for EDA, and no matter what he did, he couldn't get Eda out of his mind. It is obvious that EDA is not empty at all against Serkan Bolat and hopes that his Lost Memory will gradually be restored and undergo a radical change. And with great excitement, he waited for this change to happen as soon as possible. And Selin has never let Serkan go, and he never looks like he will .Or rather, he never gives up on Serkan. Serkan also tried to remember his past, refresh his memory and heal his wounds after the hand accident in Italy.

What's Going To Happen In The New Episode Of Knock On My Door?

35 in the next episode. if you say what will be waiting for us in the episode, all these ice mountains between Eda and Serkan will melt, and the seeds of love will bloom between the super duo, who are warming up again. And at ArtLife architecture, I think things will never go well, and it looks like Selin could have an incident at any moment. Let's see which macaeras are waiting for two lovers. Together we will see. The official trailer has yet to be released on his YouTube channel. It will be added to our site as soon as it is published.

The general theme of the series is that Eda, who works in a flower shop owned by her aunt and whose only dream is to finish college and become a landscape architect, counts the days for graduation. But with his scholarship cut off in his senior year of college, this dream suddenly falls into the water and falls to the ground. In order to realize his unfinished dream, he has to play the role of engaged to Serkan BOLAT, who has cut off his scholarship, even for 2 months, and this role will radically change his life forever.


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