'Organization Series' ( TEŞKİLAT ) 1. Watch The Episode In Full One Piece! 2. Episode Trailer

 The sequence of the organisation ( Teşkilat ) 2. The trailer video for the episode was released on the TRT1 official YouTube channel. Also from the account of the organization's Series 1. The video for the episode was released in one piece. Both 1. both in the Chapter 2. we added the episode trailer to our article.

Division ( Teşkilat) 1 Episodes https://youtu.be/783_OJX_1fA

Division ( Teşkilat ) 2 Watch The Episode Trailer

The Sequence Of The Organisation ( Teşkilat ) 2. Episode trailer https://youtu.be/QdGLq-gHvkE 

The Subject Of The Organisation ( Teşkilat ) Of The Series And Players

He appeared in front of the audience with the first episode of the organization series Trt 1. Footage from the National Intelligence Agency's campus, which is kept secret and known as “the castle”, was also included for the first time. In the first chapter, where the latest developments in UAV/SIHA telnology and the latest methods in MIT's mission application technology are discussed, the stories of people who gave up their own lives and internalized death for the sake of their homeland, which they dedicated everything to.

Every moment and scene of such a heartwarming story is, of course, full of action and adventure. After it is determined that the terrorist attack on the SIHA factory in Ankara took place with the organization of foreign intelligence organizations, a secret team is immediately established in the myth. A true statesman, Mete Bey, the team's mentor and founder, immediately contacts the seven most senior figures. Serdar, one of the most popular names of the organization, was raised under the supervision of Mete Bey. But a terrible surprise awaits Serdar. Because her boyfriend, Ceren, is more than visible, and he's a spy. For Serdar, who came face to face with this fact during an operation in the final scene in the first part of the series, the actual game is just beginning. Other members of the secret team include Pınar, an expert in disguise and plastic makeup, the old Wolf of the team and uncle Hakkı, an expert in melee and advanced driving techniques, ambitious and atik Hulki, Pınar with the strength and composure of her mind, the analyst of the team and Space responsible for planning. At the same time, the series also stars retired Mit member Adam SEYHAN, who owns a small rosary shop in his own state, whom Serdar always consulted, considered his own brother and always respected.

The Sequence Of The Organisation ( Teşkilat ) 2. What's Going To Happen In The Episode?

As for the predictions about what will happen in the second episode, Serdar will never reveal to his lover that his lover is an agent, and he will continue this game. On the other hand, in order to find the hidden forces behind this terrorist attack, the team will begin operations for clues and evidence. Invisible enemies will appear in episode two? I wonder what will be waiting for this secret task force, which even says goodbye to its families without explanation for this top-secret and sacred mission, in the next episode? We'll all watch and see.

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