My Home My Destiny ( DOĞDUĞUN EV KADERİNDİR) Who Is Mr. Ali Reza? Who Is Hakan Salınmış? From where? How Old Is She? Series And Movies

 Who is Ali Reza Bey in the TV series My Home My Destiny ( Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir) ? Who is Hakan Salınmış with his real name and where is he from? How old is she? Is he married? Height, sign and weight. He has played theatre plays, films and serials to date. Instagram address. A biography that tells the story of his life with information about him.

Who Is Hakan Salınmış? Vital

Video about the life of Hakan Salınmış

Hakan Salmış is a stage, TV and film actor.

He was born in Ankara on 3 April 1964.

He completed his primary, high school and university education in Ankara.

With no connection to the Theatre until his high school years, he apprenticed under his father.

After high school, he made an important decision for his future and suddenly wanted to be a theater actor.

Hakan Salınmış Acting Career

In 1981, he started his theatre training at Altindag Municipal Theatre.

After his education, he worked at Ankara Ekin and Ankara Art Theatre.

On the one hand, he continued the auto repair profession, which his family had maintained for three generations.

For a long time, he worked as an auto mechanic during the day, and at night he made him talk about his acting on theater stages.

He served in Ankara Art Theatre for about 7 years.

After that, he founded “Theater 1112 garage”with the desire to do something new and bring a new perspective to the theater.

He started his television career in 1993 with the character of ‘Çaycı Mehmet’ in the series ‘Ferhunde Hanımlar’.

Over the years, he gained an important place in Turkish television and acted in many series and Motion Pictures.

Hakan Salınmış Serials And Films

The veteran actor, who has always maintained his commitment to the theatre scene along with his television and film career, received the ‘most successful actor of the year in a Supporting Role’ award at the Sadri Alışık Anadolu theatre actor awards in 2013.

’ States of our house‘,’ Aliye‘,’ Magnificent Century Kösem‘,’ You Are My Homeland‘,’ Aslan my family'

the master actress, who has gained a place in memory with her successful acting performances, is currently in the series The House where you were born is fate

Ali Reza Bey gives life to his character.

Although he joined the cast of the series later, he gained the love and appreciation of the audience with his skillful acting.

Hakan SALINMIŞ Height, Weight, Horoscope Information

Hakan Salınmış still continues to do auto repair as a hobby. He is also currently the general artistic director of theatre 1112 garage.

An experienced player who graduated from the Faculty of open education of Anadolu University is originally from Ankara. He is married. He's Aries. He is 1.70 tall and weighs 69 pounds.

He uses Instagram, although not very often, and as of the time of this post, he has 13,800 followers on his account.

Instagram address

Films and series in which he starred:

The House where you were born is Destiny (Ali Reza, TV series 2021)

Şeref Bey (Abidin, TV series 2021)

A submarine story (TV series 2021)

Breakdown (Muhittin, TV series 2020)

Good Day Bad Day (Khalil, TV series 2020)

Ramo (Suleiman, TV series 2020)

Dealer Meeting (Motion Picture 2020)

Jet socialite (Yalcin, TV series 2019)

One Heart (Mayor, TV series 2019)

My Target Is You (Basic Captain, 2018 Motion Picture)

Who Are You Dancing With? (Mehmet Movie 2017)

Aslan my family (Vedat Aslan, TV Series 2017)

My homeland is you (Ashraf, TV series 2016-2017)

Let The One Who Loves You Die (Idris, 2016 Film))

Talk Till Your Husband: Resurrection (2016 Film))

The beautiful duo (TV Movie 2016)

The Sound Of The Bell (Shahap, 2015 Film))

Hypocrite Hypocrite (2015 Film))

Kara Bela Kara Bela (Clown, 2015 Motion Picture))

Magnificent century: Kösem (Lala Mehmet Pasha, TV Series 2015)

A matter of honor (the right, TV series 2014)

Don't Tell Me A Story (Teacher, 2014 Film))

Sevdaluk (Hayati Özbalcı, TV Series 2013)

Who are you? (Guest Actor, Motion Picture 2011))

Let the children not hear (Bora, TV series 2010-2013)

Starfish (TV series 2009-2012))

Jealous (Hayrettin, 2009 Film))

Adab-ı Muaşeret (Hüdaverdi, film 2009))

Son Agha (Orhan, TV Series 2008))

Liar Yarim (Sami, TV Series 2006)

Hisarbuselik (Hacı Yalvaç, TV Series 2006)

The Chinese Are Coming (Right, Motion Picture 2006))

The woman is always right (TV Series 2005)

Jubilant Haller (TV series 2004))

Aliye (Hadi, TV series 2004) )

My sister wanted it like this (Hulki, TV series 2004)

There's A Thief! (Lawyer Turgut Şaşmazel, Motion Picture 2004)

Baby with batteries (Director, TV series 2003)

The Pearl of the town (freckles, TV series 2003) )

What happened to Fidan Hanım (Sadik, TV movie 2001)

Bizim Evin Halleri (Civan Civelek, TV series 2000-2004)

Growing the flower (TV Series 1998))

Ferhunde Hanımlar (Mehmet, TV series 1993) )


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