Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) 53. Episode Trailer! New And Final Chapter

 52, the indispensable miracle doctor series of Thursday nights, which we watch without taking our eyes off. he came to the screens with the episode. Again, the series, which faced the audience with a great episode, attracted all the attention. So, what will happen in the new episode of the series?

Miracle Doctor ( Mucize Doktor ) 53. Episode Trailer

Miracle doctor (Mucize Doktor) 53 episode trailer

So what happened in this episode? Come on, let's all see what happened. By the way, let's remind you, miracle doctor 52. The episode is unfortunately not released as a single track on his YouTube channel. But you can watch it in full and one-track form from the FOX Play site.

Miracle Doctor (Mucize Doktor) 52. Watch The Episode In Full And One Piece

Ezo, the hospital's new public relations manager, who rolls up his sleeves to organize a masquerade, wants to show everyone that everything is not going badly and is fine. Ali is still deeply saddened by the death of Adil Hodja, whom he loved so much. But on the one hand, he is so happy and happy that he and Nazli have made up again. Ezo, on the other hand, does not like that Ali and Nazli are so close. And he looks for answers to questions about Ali in himself. Edict experiences a similar situation. The rapprochement of Beliz and Tanju has also negatively affected him.

In the meantime, Vuslat makes radical decisions to return the hospital to its normal functioning and immediately puts it into practice. Vuslat gave Ali the task of informant, but Ali could not accept this task and could not digest it. The fact that two hostile families who faced each other in the emergency room in the hospital almost increased the burden of Berhayat KOZOGLU Hospital a thousand times. Ali also treats Ezo badly and breaks his heart because of Vuslat, who puts his informant job on his back. Vuslat's extreme decisions infuriate Beliz and Tanju from good to good and raise the flag of rebellion against Vuslat.

53 next week. I wonder what kind of events and surprises Ali will encounter, but the brother will go to the hospital? The condition of the sick boy's hands has already shocked us all enough. Do you think that this coldness between Nazli and Ali can ease this distance a little bit? Will the hospital frictions end? 53. I hope to see you again in the Department.


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