MASUMLAR APARTMANI 25. Episode Trailer! Watch New And Final Episodes

 In a short time, TRT 1 screens indispensable and one of the most loved series of Masumlar Apartmanı, which managed to become a highly anticipated 24. his episode aired last night. 24, primarily for kidnappers. We added the episode YouTube video to our post.

Masumlar Apartmanı 24. Episode

Again, the series, which is in front of the audience with a great episode full of great scenes, is already 25. we look forward to the episode and look forward to it.

Wanting to find out and know what her husband Han is still hiding from her, Pearl takes Han step by step and secretly follows him at night. But Khan does something unexpected from himself, and we, both his wife and the millions on his screens, are surprised by what we have suffered. Han, who changes again in his car and falls on the road to collect the garbage, shows all the facts along with his red balloon, which he has tied to the garbage car to Pearl, who he already suspects is Strange. Read out of his astonishment, Pearl only looks at the shock and influence of the event.

Masumlar Apartmanı 25. Has The Episode Trailer Been Released?

On the other hand, the secret that only Gulben and Safiye know is that the garbage apartment attracts attention because of the bad smells. Pearl's best friend Esra's sight of the garbage apartment from the door Range magnifies the events and immediately informs the municipality's police teams. Realizing the situation, Han quickly moves in and the garbage quickly empties the house overnight. The municipality's police teams can do nothing in the face of this situation. Gulben and Safiye, who survived both the punishment that will be written and the bad situation in which they will fall, suffer a deep oh. But Safiye cannot digest and accept the disposal of these useless garbage, which he considers a relic and heirloom of his mother.

Masumlar Apartmanı 25. The trailer for the episode has not yet been released. A video will be added to our article when it is published.


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