MASUMİYET (Innocence) 3. Episode Trailer! New And Final Chapter

 Innocence Masumiyet Series 3. The episode was released in the trailer. The trailer for the final episode of innocence was released by the YouTube channel. The trailer for the series has received a lot of attention and has been watched almost 2 million times so far. Well, the new Series 3. what's going to happen in your department? 2. What happened in the episode and what will happen in the last episode? 3 first. Episode trailer and 2. Let's add the episode video to our article and then continue our article.

Innocence Masumiyet 3. Episode Trailer

On Wednesday evening, March 3, 2021, the series of Innocence, which appeared on FOX TV and met its audience for the second time, managed to take our minds off again.

The complex grid of events, almost trapped inside each other, once again affected us all most deeply. Ela's father Timur Bey, who did his best not to hear this incident when the doctor said, “Unfortunately, we lost the baby,” went after the interests of himself and the company in which he worked, not his daughter, along with his forbidden love Banu. He made us all call him a family man. Ela's mother, Bahar Hanım, kept blaming herself for not being able to protect her daughter.

Ilker ILGAZ was arrested and is currently in prison. He ended his unfinished wedding in prison by performing a wedding ceremony with his lover of 6 years, Irem Orhun. The ILGAZ family, of course, is still seeking to recover its shaken prestige and drawn image. Irem Orhun's father Harun Orhun's opposition to this marriage was enough to change the size and course of events. Because while he wanted to get his daughter Irem away from here for a while, the decision to move into the House of his daughter's mother-in-law, Hale Hanım, made a father who fell so hard on his daughter and trembled to the point of losing his daughter.

Ela's mother Bahar Hanım's memorable response to Hale's offer of money to save her son, along with the voice recording, took its place among the most vivid scenes of the series. In the Final scene, Ilker's lawyer said that he would reveal the true face of this violent incident, and of course, Ela, who opened her eyes in the hospital, came to the hearing in a wheelchair, raising the question of what will happen in the next episode.

Innocence Masumiyet 3. What's Going To Happen In The Episode?

I'd say Chapter Three is already smoking in my eyes. I wonder if Ilker will be punished. How will the court decide on Ilker? What will Hazel have to say in court? Did Ela's father's forbidden love Banu Lady throw Timur into the fire? We eagerly and eagerly await the third chapter, where we will find answers to all these questions and more.

Masumiyet (Innocence) 2. Episode


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