Masumiyet 2. Part 2. Trailer! Subject And Cast

What's going to happen in the next episode of Masumiyet ? Has the trailer for the new episode of Masumiyet  been released? What's the Masumiyet  show about? So who are the players? What channel? Is the show held? What days of Masumiyet  are published? What day and when is the Masumiyet series? Which actors portray which characters in the series?

Masumiyet 2. Part 2. Trailer

Masumiyet 2. Episode New Trailer

Masumiyet Sequence Sequence Analysis

On February 24, 2021, when I started on the advice of a friend, we made a quick introduction to the broadcast life on FOX TV screens and became a guest in our homes, we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of the plot of the series “Masumiyet ”. Is a Turkish drama television series directed by Ömür Atay and written by Sirma Yanık. The cast of the series also includes giant names, each of which is valuable to each other. Starring Deniz Cakir, Hülya AVŞAR and Mehmet ASLANTUG.

The Subject Of The Masumiyet Series

Ela YÜKSEL (Ilayda ALIŞAN), a 19-year-old University freshman, gets to know successful businessman Ilker Ilgaz (Serkay TÜTÜNCÜ) at a conference at the university and the doors of an adventurous love are opened one by one. Harun Orhun (Mehmet ASLANTUG), the daughter of an extremely wealthy and wealthy family and father in a 6-year long relationship of the businessman, is preparing for marriage with Irem Orhun (Deniz IŞIN). At the same time, Ilker ILGAZ, Ela Yüksel's father Timur Yüksel (Tolga GÜLEÇ) is also the boss of the holding company. This forbidden love, which the businessman does not want to be known and heard, worries both the young girl and her mother Bahar yüksek (Deniz Çakır), who is most uncomfortable and uncomfortable with this situation, a little more every day. Because his daughter and her businessman lover do not consider the 17-year-old difference between them appropriate and do not approve of this relationship. A young girl has a terrible hatred, hatred and anger towards her father, whom she inadvertently overhears while she is interning at a conglomerate where her father works. His father's cheating on his mother with a holding employee who also knows his mother, Banu KAYA (Asena TUGAL), drives the girl crazy. They fight over the reckless behavior of the businessman he is with and expecting a child, not ending their 6-year relationship, not being able to explain their relationship, and the businessman violence the young girl. Neither his family nor his mother, Hale ILGAZ (Hülya AVŞAR), can make sense of the strange and strange state and movements of a businessman who left a young girl on the side of the road and returned home. Young girl hospitalized as she struggles for life; according to the statement of the young girl's mother to the police in the hospital, the businessman is quickly detained during the ceremony on the day of the wedding.

What Will Happen In The New Episode Of Masumiyet? Masumiyet 3. Episode Series Analysis

The most vivid scene of the series is that in the finale, the head doctor at the hospital tells the father of the young girl, “unfortunately, we have lost”. I wonder if a young girl who was 19 years old in the spring of her life, with all her dreams and all her hopes, said goodbye to life so early? Is the businessman going to get away with what happened to this young girl? Or are things going to get more complicated? 2. my guess for the episode is that the young girl's mother will never let it go, and she will follow it to the end through legal means. And she will review all her ties to her husband and make a new decision. Also, both the businessman and the family of the girl he is going to marry cannot ignore this situation. I've already prepared my place in front of the TV for the second episode I'm looking forward to. I think it would be nice if you set your clocks to 20:00 on Wednesday.

Where Is The Masumiyet Series Being Filmed?

Filming of the ambitious new series is taking place in Kocaeli. Indoor scenes of the series of innocence, shot in districts such as Kandira, Derince, Gebze, Izmit, Dilovası, Bay, Kartepe, Gölcük, Karamürsel, Başiskele in the city, are also shot in the same city center.


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