MARAŞLI 11. Watch The Episode Trailer! What Will Happen In The New Episode?

 10 of the series Maraşlı. Did the video release, in which the episode was watched in one piece? Marasli 11. The episode's new and final trailer was shared by her YouTube channel? What will happen in the new episode of the series Marasli? Marasli 10. Watch the episode. The trailer will be available for viewing on ATV and on Youtube.

”Marasli”, a series about the life of a former soldier who served in the Special Forces for many years and then had to leave his post, has been the focus of attention since the first day it came to the screens. Monday March 15, 2021 on Show TV airs on the evening of 10. he also managed to draw all the attention to himself once again with his department. Come now both what happened in this episode and what will air next week 11. if you want to take a look at the section we will all be waiting for surprise developments.

Marasli 11. Episode Trailer Analysis! 11. What's Going To Happen In The Episode?

Aziz came to his senses in the hospital after a heart attack, although it was difficult. In the corridors of the hospital, Mahur's and Marashli's predatory look at each other, full of love, inevitably caught Necati's eye.

Mahur openly expresses to Necati his love for Marashli. Necati also encouraged Mahur against Marashli. What happened between Ilhan and the war in front of the hospital was the beginning of the end on an irreversible road for Ilhan.

He took Nevzat hostage in exchange for the drugs found in the warehouse.

After that, Marashli immediately took action and sought remedies and made plans to save Nevzat from the hands of the war.

Marasli 10. Episodesı

So after all these events, 11. can Mahur and Marashli get together in the episode? I think now Mahur will black out his eyes for Marashli and make very important decisions about his life. Nevzat will get rid of the war with the help of Marashli and two friends will make plans to capture Nevzat to the police. Ilhan, on the other hand, will have to bow down for a while as a result of the heavy blackmail done to him by retreating to his corner for now. Take great care of yourself to be able to see you next week in the series, which we are looking forward to with great curiosity and eagerness for a new episode. Stay healthy.


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