(Knock On My Door) SEN ÇAL KAPIMI Who's Kemal? Who Is Sinan Albayrak? From where? Series And Movies

 Who plays the character of Kemal Ozkan in the TV series ( Sen Çal Kapımı ) Knock On My Door ? Knock on my door, who is Kemal? Who is Sinan Albayrak by his real name? From where? How old is she? What is his height, sign and weight? What are the series and movies he's played so far? Did he play in theaters? What's her Instagram address? Biography article with information about it. Is he married?

Who Is Sinan Albayrak?

Sinan Albayrak is a theater, TV series and film actor.

He is the brother of journalist, writer and activist Hakan Albayrak.

His full name is Sinan Taymin Albayrak.

He was born on 27 February 1973 in Hanau, Hesse, Germany.

His father is Ziya Albayrak, who emigrated to Germany as a worker in the early 1960s, and his mother is Gulbeyaz Albayrak.

Albayrak, a graduate of Istanbul University State Conservatory, also took lessons from Master player Yildiz Kenter.

Sinan Albayrak, who had his first acting experience with Ferhunde Hanımlar series;

That Life Is Mine, Dusty Roads, Little Apocalypse, Behind Bars, Woman Loves, White Ferret, Campus,

He was involved in many projects, such as the valley of the Wolves.

Currently, he gives life to the character of Kemal Ozkan in the series Sen Çal Kapimi, which is broadcast on FOX screens. 35 in the series. he has been involved since the episode.

(Knock On My Door) Sen Çal Kapımı Who's Kemal Ozkan?

A handsome and mature man in his mid-fifties, Kemal is the childhood love of Aydan (Neslihan Yeldan). Kemal, who has never been married, now lives in a small house of his own in a place intertwined with the sea, which is his great passion. As someone who has buried his love in his heart, his life will change with an unexpected event when he lives in his own state away from everything.

Where's Sinan Albayrak From?

He is among the activists on the way to Gaza with the Mavi Marmara ship. Circassian.

Is Pisces. He is 1.80 tall and weighs 76 pounds.

At the time of writing, she had 106,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/sinantayminalbayrak/


Başak Daşman (2010-2011))

Funda Albayrak (2012-2015)

Seda Yazıcı (2019-)

Some Theatre Plays He Has Appeared In To Date

Haldun Dormen - "Amphitryon": Eskişehir Municipal Theatre-2003

Nicknamed Goncagül Oktay Seeker-Bakırköy Municipal Theatre-2000

Ivan Ivanovich Was Or Was Not Nazim Hikmet-Bakırköy Municipal Theatre-1999

Rumor Of A Murder Melih Cevdet Anday-Bakırköy Municipal Theatre-1999


Yunus Emre-The Voice Of Love (2014) ... Sultan Veled

The Sultan's Secret (2011))

Esrefpaşalılar (2010)....Imam

Room For Rent (2008))

Lock (2008))

Bayrampasa: I Will Not Stay Long (2007)...Police Officer

Fog and night (2007) .... Mustafa

The Chinese Are Coming (2006).... Yupi

Cycle Karhanesi (2005).... Russian Gangster

Everything Will Be Very Beautiful (1998) ... Tolga Baikal

Some Television Series He Has Appeared In

You Knock On My Door (2021) ... Kemal Özcan

Good Day Bad Day (2020) ... Bülent (TV)

Get up let's go (2019) ... Ali Demir (TV)

Valley of the Wolves ambush (2015) ... Sadiq (TV))

O Hayat Benim (2014)...Mehmet Emir (TV)

Majnun with Leyla (2013) ... Tom Waits (Guest Actor) (TV)

Dusty roads (2013)...Typhoon (TV)

Don't go too (2012) ... Mehmet (TV))

Behind bars (2007) ... Tariq (TV)

Yersiz Yursiz’ (2007)...Ishak (TV)

The white ferret (2006) ... Melih (TV)

Woman severes (2006) TV

Silent Night (2005) ... Serkan (TV)

Shoulder to shoulder (2004) ... Cem (TV)

Valley of the Wolves (2005) ... Sadiq (TV))

Don't Forget Me (2002)...Gokhan (TV)

How I stayed home (2001) TV

Those who run in the dark (2001) TV

Bağıfelek cul-de-sac (2000)...Rafet (TV))

Snake story (1999)...David (TV))

Black Angel (1996)...cameraman Mithat (TV)

Ferhunde Hanımlar (1993) TV

Traces of the past (1993) TV


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