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 The latest episode of Fox TV's beloved series The Miracle doctor has arrived on the screens. Series 54, which aired on Thursday evenings. he once again managed to attract all the attention with his department. The director change in the beloved series surprised us all. 54. from the episode, Yağız Alp Akaydın will sit in the director's chair. Aytaç ÇIÇEK has transferred his successful mission to Yağız Alp Akaydin due to his preparation for new projects. In the series, which is one of the most popular productions of the last period, Ali Vefa, who made his profession as a doctor with great dedication and passion, despite his illness, has a striking but also extraordinary story that affects us all. While this episode was the scene of events that upset us again, it also gave some clues about what might happen in the next episode next week.

Watch The Final Episode Of The Good Doctor

The miracle doctor series is unfortunately not broadcast in one piece on the YouTube channel. But it can be viewed from the official FOX site. You can watch the last episode in HD quality by clicking on the address below.

Good  Doctor 54. Click Here To Watch The Episode In One Piece!

Good Doctor 55. Episode Series Analysis

All right, 55. I wonder what are the surprise events and shock events that will occur in the episode?

After Ali's treatment, Vuslat brings an old friend who he loves very much to the hospital, although he does not want to make peace with Ali, but still will not give up his prejudices against Ali. The ice between Vuslat and Ali will partially melt. The severe trauma suffered by the sick woman who attacked Nazli and then attacked Ali in a similar way will be revealed. Coyly will cling to life, even if it is difficult, and he will regain his former health. The love of Beliz and edict will begin again. Tanju will do everything he can to break up between these two. Nazli and Ali are fine for now, but you don't know what time brings. I hope to see you again next week. Goodbye for now.


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