Dam ( BARAJ ) 30. Watch Episodes! Watch The Dam's Latest Episode Full! one-piece

 30. the Barrage (Baraj) series, which came to the screens on FOX TV with its episode, again received great acclaim from the audience with great scenes. The series, which has become the focus of attention of the audience since the first day of its publication, is a guest on our homes on Tuesday nights as a modern-day version of the 1977 film “Dam” ( Baraj ) starring Türkan şoray and Tarık Akan.

30 of the Dam ( Baraj )series. The video for the episode can be viewed in one piece from the FOX official site.

Baraj (Dam) 30. Click on the address to watch the episode https://www.fox.com.tr/Baraj/bolum/30

Dam ( Baraj ) 31. Episode Trailer


What Will Happen In The New Episode Of The Dam ( BARAJ ) Series?

31 in the series, which has exciting and surprising developments with each episode. the episode was the subject of curiosity for all of us. I wonder what surprises will await the River in the new episode?

Very difficult days are coming for spring. Because the river will corner Bahar with its moves. Bahar could be in danger of losing Nazim. Bahar, who loves Nazim as much as he can, will do whatever he can and will never give up. Bahar will also continue his evil and put all his plans into action. The river will also resist Bahar to the end, and Zerrin will support Bahar to the end. Already, the river wants to win and get Nazim again. And Nazim's mind is still on the River, which he can't forget. Nazim, who will end his marriage to Bahar, whose true face will gradually be revealed with the contributions of Zerrin, will remove Bahar from his life forever. And will spring give up so easily? Will he leave Nazim to the river? Will the river give Nazim a second chance both for his love and for his son?

On the other hand, if Tariq loses the river he still loves to Nazim, who will he hurt with his anger? Bahar, whom he saw as responsible for all this, or Nazim, who took away his love that he couldn't get out of his mind? We will watch and see the answer to these questions and more together in the next episode, which we are eagerly and impatiently waiting for.


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