CAMDAKİ KIZ (Girl In The Glass) Series Subject And Cast

 Who's in the cast of ( Camdaki Kız ) Girl In The Glass? Are the cast and characters clear? What channel and when? Where's the girl in the window? What book was it made from? From what book was the girl in the window taken from? Has the new episode trailer been released?

( Camdaki Kız ) What Book Is The Girl In The Window From?

The excitement of a brand new series that will start on Channel D screens very soon has already engulfed us all. Recently, the first trailer of the series of the same name as the novel was adapted from the novel “The Girl in the glass” by writer Gulseren Budayicioglu, whose name has been frequently mentioned, and was presented to the audience.

( Camdaki Kız ) Girl In The Glass Theme And Cast

Directed by Nedim güç, written by Seda ALTAY Turgutlu, produced by Onur Güvenatam, the drama series is being shot in Istanbul. The series is also signed by the production company OGM PICTURES. The series stars Burcu Tek and Feyyaz ŞERIFOĞLU.

In 2014, under the leadership of Behzat GERÇEKER, the handsome actor Feyyaz SHARIFOĞLU, who has signed successful works in his stage life, worked with many famous artists and finally became the vocalist of Ajda Pekkan, continues to climb the career ladder one by one.

Burcu gives life to the character of Nalan in the only series, while Feyyaz SHARIFOGLU gives life to the character of Sedat. The actors who did great work in the series “Red Room” in which they appeared together in the lead roles and managed to become a super duo were in front of the cameras for the filming of the series, which will begin soon.

The cast of the series, which is the subject of a dramatic love story between Nalan and Sadat, which is unusual but floats through the truth, has quite successful names. Hande ATAIZI, Nur SÜRER, Devrim YAKUT, Tuğrul TÜLEK, Nihal MENZIL, Şerif EROL and Selma ERGEÇ are among the cast of the series.

( Camdaki Kız ) Where's The Girl In The Window? When Does It Begin?

Thursday April 1, 2021, with the first episode of the girl in the glass series, is expected to begin on Channel D at 20: 00 BST. Filming of the girl in Glass series takes place in various districts and districts of Istanbul. But Beykoz Sariyer District of the Asian side and the European side and various districts of the scenes can be said to have taken place.

( Camdaki Kız ) The Girl In The Window 1. Episode Trailer

( Camdaki Kız ) Girl in glass introduction


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