Call My Agent Dec. ( MENAJERİMİ ARA ) 29. Watch Episodes! 30. Episode Trailer-What Will Happen In The New Episode?

 29, which comes to screens on Sunday nights on Star TV and this week. “call my manager” (Menajerimi Ara)series, which was in front of us viewers with its episode, was once again a guest in our homes with exciting scenes where events are intertwined.Dec. Serkan continued where he left off, squeezing everyone once in a while for compensation. After Kıraç suddenly came up with an idea, the assistants and managers found themselves in a completely different adventure that they never expected. In order to find a new Gökçe Bahadır, they wandered all over the city, leaving no place to set foot. For the process of Feris ' pregnancy, Serkan had to get support from Çınar. The coming together and meeting of the Tigris and Omar made things impossible to get out of from good to good. 29, primarily for kidnappers. Let's add the section link to our article. Then 30. We will continue our article on the topic that will be in the section.

Call My Agent Dec. (MENAJERİMİ ARA) 29. Watch Episodes!

Call My Agent (Menajerimi Ara) Watch The Last Episode Dec.

So what will happen next week in the new episode? What surprise developments will we witness?

Call My Agent Dec. (Menajerimi Ara) 30. Episode Series Analysis

The news about the Tigris will make peace very difficult to make new decisions. Sycamore and Pharis will get caught up in a name they never expected when they make secret plans for a new job without announcing it to anyone. And Melis will have to confess a fact that she has kept secret about herself. And the issue of compensation will exacerbate the situation and make everyone at the agency almost hostile to each other. All together 30. we will see you next week in the series “Call My manager,” which we are looking forward to with great curiosity and decency. Goodbye for now.


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