Akrep (Scorpio) 14. Episode Trailer! New Trailer

 Akrep (Scorpio) 14. Has the episode trailer been released? 13. what happened in the episode? What will happen in the new episode? As soon as the trailer is posted on the Official YouTube channel, the series will be analysed. Until then, you can read our analysis article that we have prepared for you.

Akrep (Scorpio) 14. Episode Trailer

The Scorpion series hit the screens again this week with a bombshell episode. The series, which aired on Thursday nights on Star TV, is this week's 13th. even we had a hard time keeping up with the pace of events in the Department.

Perihan brings Merve home and this situation is met with a great reaction by the people of the house. Duru can't bear to see his mother's killer at home and fights Perihan. In the face of Perihan's answer, Duru immediately makes a counter move and says that he and Hakan have decided to marry, that she is pregnant.

Aishem, on the other hand, thinks that Perihan is the one who planned this work after Ferda was attacked in prison and charges Perihan. Perihan, who does everything he can at every opportunity to keep his family from falling apart, is upset when he finds out about Ferda's condition. And Merve, who breathed in the hospital as soon as she got the news, can't forgive her mother. After treatment, he returns to the prison and learns from his attacker who did the job.

Ferda finally gets out of prison years later and is left alone with Ahmet, who does not even want to see his face, craves revenge. 14. and the episode looks like it's going to be action-packed again. I wonder how much more persistent Perihan can be against this attitude taken against him? Is Duru going to leave home and is she really pregnant? Can Ferda Ahmet get a tooth? 14, where we will find answers to all these questions and more. I wonder what's pregnant in the Department? We'll all watch and see. Enjoy the show.


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