'Agency Series' ( TEŞKİLAT ) 2. Watch The Episode In One Piece! 3. Episode Trailer-3. What's Going To Happen In The Episode?

 “Organization” ( TEŞKİLAT ) series, which locked millions on the screen with its first episode and started broadcasting with full ratings from viewers, took fifth place in the world trends on social media and broke ratings records in Turkey and achieved a great success. 2. the action-packed exciting story of the series, which came to the screens on Sunday evening on Trt 1 with its episode, again received great applause from the audience, and at the same time filled the eye once again with its extraordinarily magnificent production. Now all eyes are on Series 3. he's looking at what might happen in his department. I wonder what unexpected events we will encounter in the new episode? 2 before moving on to our analysis article. let's add the YouTube channel address to our article, where you can watch the episode without interruption, in one piece and in full.

Division (Teşkilat) 2 Link to the episode you can watch as a single track.

'Agency Series' (Teşkilat) 3. Episode Trailer

Division (Teşkilat) 3 What's Going To Happen In The Episode? Sequence Analysis

Mete Bey, the head of the team, will roll up his sleeves to investigate the mysterious and so dark past of Ceren, Serdar's lover. And, of course, he will appoint Serdar for this job. Serdar, who will go through a painful, troubled and difficult process, will sail to a new love with Zahra in the world of their new life established for them underground. Or Zehra will find solace in Zehra, since Zehra is the only woman who can understand the team's logic master. On the other hand, the organization, which operates on an international platform, chose Zayed Fayi for its bloody actions in the Middle East. Zayed Fayi's first target will be Serdar. Zayed Fayi, who will target the entire team, not sade Serdar, with the information he will get from Serdar's former lover Ceren, let's see if he can continue this treacherous and insidious hostility. Will the team be able to disrupt this dirty game? We look forward to the new episode, which is full of scenes that we will see next week.


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