Who's The SADAKATSİZ Turgay? Who Is Kenan Ece? How Old Is She? TV Series And Movies!

 Who is the Sadakatsiz Turgay in real life? Who is the actor Kenan Ece with his real name? Where is he originally from? How old is she? Is he married? Who is the wife? Does he have children? What is his height, sign and weight? Does he use Instagram and Twitter? Is there a YouTube channel? Series and films. Biography with unknowns containing information about his life. Wikipedia information…

Who Is Kenan Ece? How Old Is She? From where?

Life of Kenan Ece https://youtu.be/McbOpwplcfM

Kenan Ece is a theater, TV series and film actor.

His full name is Kenan Cahit Ece.

He was born on 24 December 1980 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

His father, Murat Ece, was born in Dubai for two years when he worked as a financial consultant for an international company.

Kenan Ece is the grandson of Turgan Ece, one of the former managers of Galatasaray Sports Club.

He is also the nephew of Keriman Halis, Turkey's first World beauty.

He has one sister, two older brothers and two older sisters.

Kenan Ece Series And Films

He attended high school in Austria.

He completed his studies in theater and economics at Davidson College in America in 2004.

While at university, he also performed in many theatre plays.

When he was in New York, he sent his resume to a Turkish company investing in Ireland and went to Ireland, where he worked as a financial analyst for two years.

Simultaneously he continued his acting training at Gaeity acting school and the Irish Film Academy in Dublin.

After two years of acting, he did a show, and an agency watching the Play wanted to meet and work with him.

They then reached out to the agency in Dublin, asking him to star in a series.

Thus, he stepped into his professional acting career by starring in Ireland's popular television series ‘Fair City”.

He quit his job at the energy company and starred for 13 episodes.

He also worked at the Irish State Theatre “The Abbey”.

After that, he played a small role in a feature film in German.

He played a Spanish matador in the television show Katherine Lynch, one of Ireland's most beloved comedians.

After 4 years of Irish life, he returned to Turkey in 2009.

His first film project was the film “Ask Your Heart” directed by Yusuf Kurçenli.

The film starred Hakan Eratik, Ayla Algan, Civan Canova, Şevval Sam.

In 2010, Perran Kutman, Cetin Tekindor, Melis Birkan, Özge Özpirinçci and Öner Erkan shared the lead roles in the series “Deli Saraylı” He played the character” Emir Zahir".

In 2011, he starred with Mert Fırat and Azalea Yilhan in the film ‘Don't Forget Me’, which was shot by Özer Kızıltan.

Again in the same year, he met Mustafa Üstündağ on the set of the series” Izmir gang".

”One of us is from the Land Group, one of us is water. It would be mud from us, " they said, and in 2012 they founded mud theater with Mustafa Üstündağ.

Many theaters, such as ‘correctional House’, which he translated from English, and ‘Bakersin clouds go’, written by Özen Yula he appeared on stage in his play.

‘Help Received The Best Actor Award’

17 in 2012.He won the Best Supporting Actor award for his film Don't Forget Me at the Sadri Alışık Awards.

In 2014, he played the lead role with Mine Tugay and Selin Ortaçlı in the series “Heart thief” written by Birol Güven, Yaşar Arak and Caner Güler.

In 2015 to date, made in Turkey, attracting attention as one of the big-budget films directed his Mitsutoshi Tanaka Turkey-Japan co-production ‘Ertuğrul 1890’ starred.

He made his major debut in 2016 with the Battle of the Roses and in 2018 with the Courtyard series, garnering the appreciation of the audience with his excellent acting performances.

He managed to become an actor recognized by almost everyone.

Kenan Ece Height, Sign And Weight

In 2017, she married Canan Ergüder, an actress like herself. The couple now have a child named Demir.

A famous name currently gives life to the character of Turgay Güngör in the series unfaithful, which is broadcast on the screens of Kanal D.

Finally, for those who are curious, let's give the following information. Kenan Ece is 1.80 meters tall, 85 pounds and Capricorn. It is not known where he originally came from.

He actively uses social media and as of the time of this article, his Twitter account has 17,300 Instagram followers of 100 thousand.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/kenanece/

Twitter address https://twitter.com/Kenan__Ece


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