Who Is The SADAKATSİZ Haluk? Who Is Burak Sergen And Where Is He From? How Old Is She? Starring Serials

 Who is the character of Haluk in the unfaithful series? Who is Burak Sergen by his real name? From where? How Old Is She? What's His Sign? Married? Does he have a girlfriend? Height and weight. Instagram address. TV series and movies he played in. His life with the unknown. Wikipedia information. Biography in brief.

Who Is Burak Sergen And Where Is He From?

Burak Sergen life https://youtu.be/sTt_z0pB-qY

Burak Sergen is an actor in theatre, film and TV series.

He is also a voice actor.

He was born on 9 February 1961 in Ankara.

His full name is Burak Reis Sergen.

He grew up in a family intertwined with art.

His childhood was spent in Ankara.

His father is Semih Sergen, a theater artist, and his mother is Serap Sezer, an opera singer.

Burak Sergen is the older brother of actor and voice actor Toprak Sergen.

Burak Sergen Serials And Films

He played basketball professionally in şekerspor in his youth, but then turned his direction to theater.

He made his stage debut with the play through the silence.

After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory in 1984, he did his internship at Bursa State Theatre.

After the internship, he was appointed to the Ankara State Theatre.

In addition to his job as an artist in the state theaters, he was also the Deputy Director and director of the State Theater of Ankara.

He worked as a lecturer at Konya Selcuk university and Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

He also worked as a director and actor in private theaters such as theater, theater Owl.

During the founding of police radio, and later on Radio contact, he prepared and presented his own program.

During her acting career spanning more than 40 years, she acted in numerous television series and motion pictures.

He has appeared in such important series as Red Apple, Zerda, Kara Sevda, pit, ring, Bandit does not rule the world.

He was often etched into the viewer's memory with villain roles.

Under my wings, Istanbul met with the audience in important films of Turkish cinema such as heavy Roman, elevator, beans.

Demonstrated excellent acting performances in productions so far, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor,

He has been awarded numerous awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Retired from state theatres, he currently plays the strong character of Haluk in the series unfaithful, which aired on Channel D.

He also teaches Conservatory preparatory courses at the theatre academy.

Is Burak Sergen Married?

Burak Sergen, who had a short marriage to actress and singer Pamela Spence in the past, married actress Işıl Sergen in 1999 and ended his marriage in 2018.

The veteran actress, who is engaged to Nihan Unsal in 2019, has a baby boy named Cansin.

Burak Sergen Bay is a Fenerbahce fan. He loves Rock music. It's Aquarius. He is 1.81 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds.

He is originally from Istanbul on his father's side.

Instagram uses Instagram, although not very often, and at the time of this post, it has 69,500 followers on its official Blue click Instagram address.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/buraksergen/


  1. I was very curious where Haluk bey went! He probably did the small video call to Gunal and Derin while he was actually admitted in hospital! But very sad what happened to him... Heartbroken 😢


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