Survivor 2021 Gonca Kakar Who's From Where? How Old Is She? Married? What's Her Instagram Address? Burcu! Height And Weight

 18 from the reserves to the Survivor 2021 competition. who is Bud Kakar And Where Is he from? How Old Is She? Height, sign and weight. Is he married? A biography article containing information about Survivor Gonca Janset Kakar, who started competing in the celebrity team. Vital. Facebook and Instagram address. Wikipedia information.

Who Is Survivor Gonca?

Gonca Kakar life

Gonca Kakar was born on July 1, 1989.

He's a former athlete.

He was involved in athletics for 9 years and then played volleyball professionally for 4 years.

Gonca Kakar, who was educated at Mersin University, studied at the School of Physical Education and Sports.

Currently, Gonca Kakar, who teaches Physical Education and teaches pilates, owes his strong physique to the sports he does.

He spends most of his time playing sports.

His hobbies include diving, playing sports, reading books, discovering new music and new places.

He is a fanatic Besiktas and often watches his matches from the stands.

Full an animal lover. He loves cats and dogs.

Survivor Gonca Kakar Height And Weight

She is single. He's a crab. He is 1.77 tall and weighs 64 pounds.

Gonca Kakar, who is always on the attention with his strong physique and athletic structure, took part in the celebrity team in the Survivor Turkey 2021 competition, which aired on TV8 screens in 2021.

His family has roots in the North Caucasus and continues his competitive life in Istanbul.

Facebook and Instagram is actively using Gonca Janset Kakar, and as of the moment this video was prepared, he has close to 5,100 followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram address


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