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 In this article, we will quickly tell you about the subject, actors and characters in the series of innocence, the new series of FOX TV

we'll give you information. You can learn from our article who is in the cast and what characters they give life to. What channel is innocence on? At what time?

1 on Fox screens on Wednesday, February 24 at 20:00. Gold Film is responsible for the production of the series innocence. Faruk Turgut produced the series, which was announced with the slogan’ The Truth leaves its mark'. In the director's chair is life Atay. His story and screenplay were written by Sirma Yanış.

Who Are The Cast Of Innocence? Names

The cast of the series” innocence " includes valuable players from each other.

Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantug, Deniz Çakır, such as the giant names that have not been on the screens for a long time share the lead roles of the series.

Especially Hülya Avşar's return to the screens with “innocence” after a five-year break from television series in terms of ratings

it's of great importance.

Avşar's character Hale Ilgaz, which he will portray, is expected to attract a lot of attention.

Hale Ilgaz, a mother who is fond of her children, especially her son, will be much talked about in her image of an arrogant and impeccable society woman.

Avşar's son Ilker in the series serkay Tütüncü, his wife Ismail Ilgaz'ya Ertuğrul postoğlu gives life.

In the highly anticipated series, successful actor Mehmet Aslantug gives life to the character of Harun Orhun. In the series, Harun's life, whose world revolves around his daughter Irem (Deniz Işın), will be tarnished by the terrible accusations against his future son-in-law Ilker (Serkay Tütüncü) and he will undergo the biggest test of fatherhood. The series, named after its strong cast, will also be much talked about with its stunning story.

The Subject Of The Innocence Series

In the cast of innocence, there are also successful names from each other, such as Ilayda Alishan, Deniz Işın, Selen Uçer, which will not end with counting.

Trailer videos posted on social media are already the subject of the series, which has received great attention as follows;

Bahar (Deniz Çakır), a married mother of two, changes her life when her 19-year-old daughter falls in love with the wrong man.

Her daughter Ela's (Ilayda Alishan) first love is not a college student her age, but her father's 35-year-old boss, who is about to marry someone else.

Bahar, who is trying to save his daughter from this wrong relationship, can not prevent what will happen, no matter what he does.

The life of Bahar and his family, ela's 19th birthday. it changes forever on your birthday.

Innocence Names All Cast

Serkay Tütüncü, Ilayda Alişan, Deniz Işın, Selen Uçer, Tolga Güleç, Neslihan Arslan, Asena Tugal, Ertuğrul Postoğlu, Alayça Gidoğlu, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç, Gizem Ergün, Asena Keskinci, Bard Kaya Oktu, Adin Ingçe, Almina Good Morning, Sevgi Temel and Rüçhan Çalışkur.

Who's Who On The Show?

Hale Ilgaz

Hülya Avşar

Hale Ilgaz Hülya Avşar

Ilker's mother is the human version of those predatory mother Tigers we saw on documentary channels. His claws are ready at any moment to protect his son. If the father of your child belongs to Ismail Ilgaz, otherwise you will not survive! Beneath the image of an arrogant, snobby and unattainable perfect society woman is a wife and a tired mother who are victims of systematic psychological violence.

Harun Orhun

Mehmet Aslantuğ

Harun Orhun Mehmet Aslantug

Aaron, whose sterile, white world will be tainted by horrific accusations against his future son-in-law, is a true ‘super dad’whose world revolves around his daughter Irem. Although he believes that he has given his greatest test of fatherhood with the untimely loss of his wife, Aaron's paternity test is just beginning with the brutality that will be experienced.

Bahar Yüksel

Deniz Çakır

Bahar Yüksel Deniz Çakır

An ordinary woman who has already forgotten her dreams and ideals of Spring, who chose to become a mother at a young age and returned from the University door, unaware of her power. His power, hidden beneath his domestic image, will be revealed by his 19-year-old daughter falling in love with the wrong man.

Ela Yüksel

Ilayda Alishan

Ela Yüksel Ilayda Alişan

Bahar's 19-year-old daughter. High school is over, the excitement of college has begun. At the age when he believed he could do anything, he wanted to deviate in all directions. At the beginning of the road... a typical Generation Z member. When I say I'll change the world with a click, I'll run with a love that won't happen and his world will change.

Ilker Ilgaz

Serkay Tütüncü

Ilker Ilgaz Serkay Tütüncü

A narcissist who has not found his own identity between his domineering and perfectionist father and his mother, who has covered up all his mistakes, big and small, since childhood. His 35-year life, which passed in presence, power and panache, crowned by personal achievements, turned upside down overnight, while his name, which adorned the pages of society and economics until that day, was 3. It will move to the page.

Irem Orhun

Sea Ray

Irem Orhun Deniz Işın

The standard socialite is a popular influencer who got rid of her beautiful label with the right to ‘content.’ Daddy's little princess. For him, marrying Ilker, with whom he has been flirting peacefully with a resentment for a long time, is a social challenge that he must fulfill.

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