Who Is Survivor ÖYKÜ ÇELİK? How Old Is She? Height And Weight

Who is Öykü Çelik, who is a contestant in the celebrities team in the Survivor 2021 squad and where? Biography article about his life story with detailed information about him. How old? Married? What's his sign? Height and weight. Movies and TV series. What is your YouTube, Twitter and Instagram address? Vital. Wikipedia information. Is it eliminated? Will he be the champion?

Who Is Survivor Öykü Çelik?

Who Is Öykü Çelik From Where? https://youtu.be/MOH5V0sYqcA

Actor Öykü Çelik was born in Istanbul on 13 July 1987.

Originally from Trabzon, Öykü Çelik's father is a football coach.

As a child, he wanted to be a primary school teacher, but then the events that developed turned his direction to acting.

Because of his father's profession, he had to change schools 9 times in 11 years.

During his studies at Trabzon high school, he went to a theater course on the advice of a friend.

He suffered burns to his body as a result of a car accident while he was a student at Bilkent University Theatre Department.

Because of the treatment process, he had to give up his education halfway through. When he recovered, he took acting classes in private courses.

Survivor Öykü Çelik Films And Series

Storylines And Serials

She made her debut in the TV series “Selena” in 2006.

After that, he actively continued his acting career, appearing in many series and films.

Öykü Çelik Height And Weight

A famous name who speaks English very well is closely interested in sports such as ice skating, football, skiing.

He is 1.67 tall and 60 pounds.

He actively uses social media and as of the time of this article, he has 13,500 Facebook pages ,

He has 388 thousand followers on his Instagram address.

She recently participated in Survivor 2021 and competed in the celebrity team.

Öykü Çelik Twitter address https://twitter.com/oykugeorge

Öykü Çelik Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/oykucelikk_/


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