Who Is Survivor Alayna Kalaycıoğlu? Where from? How Old Is She?

 Who is Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu competing in the volunteer team at Survivor 2021 and Where Is she from? How old is she? Information About. Wikipedia information. Biography. What's her Instagram address?

Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu was born in 1998 in Bursa.

His childhood was spent in Yalova. He is from Yalovali on his mother's side.

His mother and father separated when he was 10 years old.

He then moved to Istanbul with his mother and brother.

After graduating from high school, he focused on language education.

He earned a degree in Aircraft Engineering in the United States with the influence of his successful language education.

He's pretty good at sports and he's been playing volleyball for about 10 years.

He has also been on the beach volleyball school team for the past three years.

Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu, who competed in the volunteer team at Survivor in 2021, has 52,100 followers on Instagram as of the time of this post.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/aleynakalayciogluu/


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