Who is Survivor 2021 contestant DOĞAN KESER? From where? How Old Is She? His Zodiac Sign Is Height And Weight! Married?

 18 from the reserves to the Survivor 2021 Turkey competition. who is the new contestant Dogan Keser who participated in the episode by fishing line? How old is a Survivor born on a celebrity team? Height, sign and weight. Is he married? Instagram, Twitter and Twich address. Does he use Tiktok? Biography article describing your life with information about it.

Life https://youtu.be/28bw-unGpa0

Who Is Doğan Survivor? From where?

Dogan Keser was born on 21 May 1992 in Istanbul.

Born Keser grew up in zeytinburnuspor's infrastructure, he played professionally for the A team.

But during his football career he only played for this team and could not progress any further.

After coming from the military, he engaged in various self-employed jobs.

After that, he opened a retail menswear store in Bakırköy, Istanbul with his brother.

Dogan Keser, who recently produced videos on social media and has a humor page in his name, is a name that often mentions his name with his Twitch and Instagram shares.

Dogan Keser, who reached a large fan base especially with his crazy dances, has 273 thousand followers on his Instagram account, 6,700 on his Twich account, and 4,000 on his Twitter account during the preparation of this video.

Survivor Dogan KESER Height And Weight

The phenomenon, which entered the Survivor contest, which aired on TV8 screens in 2021, from replacements and competed on a celebrity team, is married. They have 1 Daughter. The sign of Taurus is. He is 1.64 tall and weighs 61 pounds. It's not clear where he's from yet. He'll probably tell you when he's competing in the competition.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/dogankesers/

Twich address https://www.twitch.tv/dogankesers

Twitter address https://twitter.com/dogankesers


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