Who Is Survivor 2021 Celebrity Contestant Ismail Balaban? Where from? How Old Is She? What's His Sign? Married? Height and weight

 Who is the survivor Turkey 2021 celebrity team contestant Ismail Balaban, which was broadcast on Tv8 screens with the presentation of Acun Ilicali? Where from? What's his height and weight? What's his sign? Married? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The life of Ismail Balaban. Is unknown. Biography article with information about it.

Documentary video describing the life of Ismail Balaban https://youtu.be/cngWzCGyFJk

Who Is Ismail Balaban And Where Is He From?

Ismail Balaban was born on September 3, 1987 in Akçay village of Elmalı, Antalya. He is originally from Antalya. His nickname is Yellow Storm.
He grew up in a wrestling-loving family.
His mother is Gülsüm hanım and his father is Hasan Bey.
He is the twin brother of Turan Balaban, who like himself is involved in the sport of oil wrestling, and has two older sisters.
He is an athlete of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club.
He is a graduate of Aydın Adnan Menderes University Vocational School of Physical Education and Sports.
He also received a master's degree at the University of Thrace.

Ismail Balaban's Success Story Despite The Challenges!

Ismail Balaban, who started wrestling at an early age, discovered himself by Ziya Talan, one of the former oil wrestling wrestlers
he started professional wrestling.
Balaban, who was engaged in farming with his brother in the village where he lived at that time, received wrestling training with the money he earned from his work.
It hasn't been easy for him to come to these days. He finished high school with distance education.
Due to financial difficulties, both his brother and his own could not be fed, as a wrestler should be fed.
They also had difficulty finding comfortable accommodation before going to competitions. They stayed in guest houses.
They loaded hay bales into trucks at night to go to wrestling competitions held in various parts of Antalya.
Because of their bodies, which were larger than their peers, they easily defeated even heavy deeds.
Ismail Balaban konyaalti Municipal Sports Club under the roof of the competition, despite all the difficulties he experienced,his opponents narrow the Meadows.
After a while, the mayor Muhittin bug and the wrestler, who managed to get the support of the region's businessmen, received support
he added a new one to his achievements every day.

Ismail Balabanreferences

651, which took place in 2012. Despite having appendicitis surgery 15 days ago at Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling
he won the right to fight in the Archbishop's category for third place.
652 in 2013. Kırkpınar managed to reach the final in oil wrestling and become a baspehlivan.
In fact, he lost to Ali Gurbuz in the final, but when Ali Gurbuz tested positive for doping, the golden belt was given to Ismail Balaban.
653 in 2014. Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling 2 by losing to Fatih Atli in the final. It has happened.
656 in 2017. Kırkpınar oil wrestling final Defeated Orhan Okuluu 2. he was once the Archbishop.
He won the world title in Shalwar wrestling in 2020.

Huge support for Ismail Balaban in Survivor 2021

Ismail Balaban, whose life story with his brother will make everyone emotional, in a speech,
” As twin archbishops, we have risen to the category of Archbishop, and we have printed our name as twin archbishop for the first time in history, " he said.
The famous wrestler, who was offered to join survivor in 2018, was not able to participate in the competition due to the intensity of his work at the time, but he was a contestant on the Survivor celebrity team in 2021.
Ismail Balaban, who is already among the champion candidates of the competition, said that ‘in Dominik, he will represent not only himself, but also Antalya and the wrestling community, and he will become a champion and return’.
He also posted a text of an explanation on his official Instagram fan page as to why he took part in the contest.
He currently has great support from both the wrestling community and the Survivor audience in general.
So it seems almost certain that Survivor will be the fearful dream of the contestants in the sms voting in 2021.

What Is Ismail Balaban Sign? Height And Weight
The wrestler, who is very strong as a physical force, is also a model athlete with his masterful manners and humility that he displays in his personal life.
A successful athlete who was also interested in music at a time in the past also has a beautiful voice.
A complete animal lover, the famous name is Virgo. She is single. He is 1.80 tall and weighs 98 pounds.

Facebook, Instagram And Twitter Address Of Ismail Balaban

As of the moment this video was made, the famous wrestler, who is actively using social media, has 28,500 on his Facebook page and 5,500 on Twitter,
She has 59,500 followers on Instagram. After Survivor, these numbers are all expected to rise very quickly.


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