The House You Were Born In Is Your Destiny, Who Is It? Who Is Naz From Heaven And Where Is He From? How Old Is She? Biography

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Who is the Emine character in the TV series Destiny is the House where you were born? Who is Naz Göktan by his real name and where is he from? Height, sign and weight. Instagram address. How old is she? Does he have a girlfriend? Married? His life and the unknown. Detailed biography writing. Related information. Wikipedia information.

Who Is Naz From Heaven?

Naz Göktan is a player and trainer.

He was born on 23 March 1990 in Ankara.

He grew up in a family that was intertwined with the arts, and since childhood he attended numerous courses related to theatre.

Most of his life was spent almost getting an education.

He attended primary school at Halide Edip Adıvar primary school.

Göktan, who has been actively engaged in ballet for 17 years, completed his classical ballet education, which he started when he was 3 years old, in 2007 as a graduate of the MEB and the Royal Dance Academy of England.

Again in 2007, he graduated from Ankara private Tevfik Fikret High School and then Ankara University Faculty of language and history and geography

He earned a degree in anthropology.

A year later, he was elected to Ankara University Faculty of Communication Public Relations and Promotion Department as a double major student and graduated from both departments in 2012.

She began her theatrical adventure in 2010 at the Filmstar Academy of Arts.

During her college years, she played in many theatre plays such as Madame, anger, motion, clowns.

Between 2011 and 2014, he worked as an actor at the drill Stage (Studio) and in 2013 at Bilkent University Music and stage

He won the Theatre Department of the Faculty of Arts.

He also graduated from this department in 2018 and has completed 3 universities in total.

He worked with directors such as Cem Emüler, Ilham Yazar, Daniel Irizarry and Jason Hale during the school process.

She attended Susan main's Linklater voice seminars.

In addition, between 2015-2018, he worked as an instructor and assistant director at Bilkent children's Theater.

In 2017, he co-founded the theatre company Stage 367 with his school friends.

Currently, he works as a player, manager and trainer within this community.

Because of the great acting performances in the drama where exhibited, “commendable actress award”, “special young talent award selection committee Awards Sadri familiar Anatolia”, “Arman Talay Theatre Award” and “Audience Award has been awarded numerous awards such as promising rewards direkleraras Theatre.

Naz Göktan Height, Sign And Weight

In 2020, he stepped into front-of-camera acting with the series Home Destiny you were born.

Although it was his first series, Emine managed to be recognized by large audiences with his character.

Finally, let's give the following information. A famous name working with Icon Management Agency is from Ankara. He's Aries. He is 1.70 tall and weighs 58 pounds.

The actress, who loves cats and dogs so much, is a strict Instagram user. As of the moment this post was prepared, blue click on the official Instagram account

He has 97 thousand followers.

Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/nazgoktan/


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