Who Is Sinan Demirer?

 Who is the holiday in the TV series Destiny is the house you were born in? Who is Sinan Demirer? How old is she? Is the famous actress married? Height, sign and weight. Series and films. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram does it use? The detailed biography and life story of Zeynep's father featured in the Dec series. Related information. Wikipedia information.

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Who Is Sinan Demirer?

Sinan Demirer was born in Ankara on 27 March 1972. His full name is Kazım Sinan Demirer.
He completed primary school, middle school and high school education in Ankara.
After giving binding playing trainings in various associations for a while, she won Bilkent University Theatre Department in 1993.
During his education in this department, he took acting lessons from important figures such as Cüneyt Gökçer, Çetin Tekindor, Lemi Bilgin.
He graduated from the University in 1998 and started his professional theatre life at Ankara Art Theatre.
He performed with important names such as Rutkay Aziz, Altan Erkekli, Erol Demiröz in institutions such as Eskişehir City Theatre, Diyarbakır State Theatre.

He has acted in more than thirty plays and directed theatre plays since he first stepped into his career.
He has participated in many national and international festivals.
As part of the Freedom Project, with the game ‘Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşamaz’, one of the six plays he directed
He performed a first in Turkey, allowing about 40 prisoners he taught theater to perform the play in several parts of the city.
In 2009, aşık Veysel's life was told with Tulga Serim, a one-man theater play he co-wrote with 35 . Ismet Küntay was awarded the Best Actor award at the Theatre Awards.

Sinan Demirer Films And Series

He had his first experience of acting in front of the camera in 2008 with the film conscience.
In 2012, he portrayed the character of Dursun in the motion picture de burden.
The first series in which he appeared was a series of stories from the South East, which was broadcast on Show TV in 2010.
After this series, he appeared in many series such as Purple Violets, Lost City, Old Story, reaction, Steppe, Bandit does not rule the world.
In the last series of TV 8 screens, the actor who gave life to the character of Bayram in your Birth House Destiny is still continuing his acting life at Eskisehir City Theater.
Zeynep Oyuk is a famous name who works as a manager. He is 1.80 tall and weighs 79 pounds.
He is married to Gamze Demirer, an actress like himself, and has a son.


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