What Is Exxen? Acun Ilıcalı Digital Platform! Exxen TV All Content

 Acun Ilıcalı and his team established a digital broadcasting platform about what is the price of Exen intensively? How much does exxen tv cost per month? How much is a subscription? What is Exxen TV channel? What kind of content does it publish? When will it open? What series are there? Such questions began to be searched by citizens on search engines. We answer all these questions now in our article. Here are all the details about Exxen TV.

Has the EXXEN TV monthly fee been announced?

Exxen's monthly fee, which is scheduled to start broadcasting on January 1, was announced by Acun Ilıcalı as £ 9.90. Exxen Tv first week exxen.com it can be viewed for free.

What Is Exxen Content? Who Is There?

There's a lot of content that can be viewed through Exxen. From entertainment content to astrology or even documentary content, many content has taken its place on the platform and continues to be added in new content. Indeed, Acun Ilıcalı's working pace is very intense. Collecting so much content in such a short time under one platform is not an easy task. Moreover, Acun is still making efforts to have more content on the platform. First, we wish you success and add our video, which we collect in the content, to the post.

Here's all the content featured on Exxen TV.

Exxen Tv Content

Şeref Bey

In the series Şeref Bey, the story of Şeref Bey, who emigrated from Albania to Turkey in his late twenties, is told.

Yusuf Reha Alp wrote the script for the series, while Ali Atay, the famous actor and director, took over the script consultancy.

"Honor Bey" is a black comedy genre in which the fun-filled and sad story of a man whose life has turned into chaos is told.

In the cast of Şeref Bey, where Onur ünlü is in the director's chair, there are many successful actors such as Haluk Bilginer, Songül Öden, şükrü Ovali, Serhat Kılıç. Series 1 its season consists of 10 episodes.


Hasan Can Kaya's Talk Show program, which has disproportionate humor in its focus, is on Exxen with its famous guests and surprise topics.

As Series

It is notable for having two names in the lead role, such as, which is shot in the comedy genre and is a sketch series.

The series stars Feyyaz Yiğit and Kıvanç Kılıç. It is quite remarkable that Feyyaz Yiğit, who admires the audience with his performance in the films Mortal World and murder ornament, makes him laugh.

Tolgshow Unfiltered

Tolgshow, which continues its journey, although its name and places of publication have changed for many years, is on Exxen screens in the new era with its new version, Tolgshow: unfiltered.

Tolgshow Unfiltered is a new version of Tolga Çevik's improvisational sketch program Comedy shop, a television legend, and its sequel, My friend Welcome, which blends Director Ne'aptin's programs with “talk show”.

As in the other three programs, let's remind that otherwise Director Fırat Parlak accompanied Tolga Çevik.

At tolgshow, Tolga Çevik first tries to make a talk show program with famous names who are guests on the program “”,

then, an impromptu skit “experiment” that we are used to from the comedy Shop with a guest celebrity is performed.

My Magic Mother

The doors of a magic world are opened by “my magic mother”! The series that excites everyone, big and small, is on Exxen.

The Magic Mother series, which became a phenomenon when it aired years ago and continues to be watched with interest today, is on Exxen TV with its changing cast from head to toe.

In the series, The fairy named Betush is the subject of events that develop after her marriage to Sadiq, a father of two children whose wife has died.

The cast includes many important players such as Emre Altuğ, Azalya Topaloğlu, Nergis Kumbasar and Lale Başar.

Zeynep Bastik and his guests

Zeynep Bastik, who is loved by her songs and covers, is in Exxen with her famous guests and songs.

Zeynep Bastik gives a music banquet and talks to famous guests with the program she has prepared.

Dirty Laundry

"Dirty Laundry", one of the favorite content categories of famous YouTuber Orkun Isitmak, is also one of Exxen's notable content.

Orkun Işıtmak uses a lie detector in a program called Dirty Laundry, connects the names he hosts to a lie detector and asks his questions.

Enis Arikan Talk Show

Enis Arikan is also a guest on exxen with a fun and laughable talk show with famous names.


A program called Garage, where there is everything about the world of luxury cars and cars, is also in Exxen with Dogan Kabak and Ferhat Albayrak.

Mind Games

Kıvanç and Burak, who are among the names famous for talent you are, are at Exxen with an entertainment program with science and illusion content called Mind Games.

Student House

In the director's chair, in the youth series called Student House, where doga Can Anafarta is located, the events experienced by four fun and crony students living in a Villa are discussed. The cast includes Murat Aygen, Ceyda Düvenci, Bertan Asslani and Baran Bölükbaşı.

MasterChef Junior

MasterChef's version of the legendary cooking competition MasterChef with tiny contestants is on MasterChef Junior Exxen.

Celebrity chefs Mehmet Yalcinkaya, Danilo Zanna and Somer Sivrioglu make children talk about their skills in the program prepared!

In the program, children reveal different tastes with their tiny hands.

King Shakir Microbe Hunters

Big Little everyone loves King Shakir with his fun-filled world, funny and adventurous new stories. King Shakir's germ hunters are also on Exxen


Katarsis offered by Gökhan Çınar, who we witness and watch with love different stories, is also among the programs that have passed from the Youtube platform to Exxen.

Human stories are told in the program to meet, understand, empathize and become aware.

Katarsis and KatarsisX-TRA with expert psychologist Gökhan Çınar at Exxen.

Genus Zeynep

Grown Zeynep series is the subject of what Zeynep, a college student who is among 6 children with different temperaments.

The cast includes players such as Keremcem, Ece Dizdar and Asli Bekiroğlu.

In the series, Asli Bekiroğlu plays a nanny, Keremcem, a father with 6 children.

Ece Dizdar also gives life to Keremcem's wife.

Foot Tennis

Exxen also has a foot tennis program where there is excitement, struggle and fierce competition with strong names from each other.

Important names of football such as Semih Şentürk, Pascal Nouma, Yattara, Tuncay Şanlı, Ahmet Dursun are included in the program.

Wild Things Series

Action, comedy, and a series of Wild Things in which love coexists are the subject of a couple whose marriage has come to an end, psychologists, and interesting events after a pizzeria is stranded in the same house.

Alper Alpözgen has the script of the series with Erkan Tunç in the director's chair.

The cast of Wild Things, which are broadcast in approximately 20-minute episodes, includes successful actors such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Selim Bayraktar and Hazal Türesan.

Have You Been That Guy?

The address of those who want to be YouTubers in famous YouTubers Ali format and Mesut Tomay is Exxen with the Competition Program.

Social media phenomenon Ali format and Mesut Can Tomay invite people from the YouTube world like themselves to compete.

YouTube phenomena, YouTubers can participate in this competition and get a chance to become the new YouTube star of Turkey.

Fight Club

Bilgehan Demir and Avatar Atakan hosted the competition program Fight Club Exxen, where 11 fighters stayed at home.

The ring is the only place in the competition where fighters who fight at home are disqualified.

The competition, which features strong fighters from each other, is being filmed on the island of Marmara and the grand prize is £ 250,000.

How Weak I?

How To Lose Weight in the program Çağan Atakan Arslan, Chef derivative Uludağ'ya weakening to reach his dream weight shows the way.

It is expected that different people will also participate in the program in the following episodes.

Astrological Ciphers

The heart of astrology beats with Hande Casanova and Dinçer Güner in the program of astrological ciphers. Everything about astrology is discussed in this program.

We Have A Surprise

As the name suggests, we have a surprise program is a program where opportunities are offered to those who cannot realize their dreams for various reasons.

In the program, which includes Acun Ilıcalı, Alp Kırşan and Esra Eron, the dreams of different people are turned into reality after information received from their relatives.

Lucky Or Unlucky?

In Exxen with the presentation of the lucky or unlucky program Orkun Işıtmak, which describes people with unusual characteristics.

We're Strangers Here

The trip is a fun program which are a stranger here.

4 foreign people who are trying to learn the unique beauties of Turkish culture are visiting our country from city to City and sharing their own culture with us!

Void Sequence

Ömer Faruk Sorak is the director of the TV series null and void, produced by Mustafa Uslu.

The cast includes talented and well-known actors such as Burçin Terzioğlu, Hande Doğandemir, Ismail Hacıoğlu and Alican Yücesoy.

The series focuses on the struggle to prevent violence against women.

Tugay Inanoglu And His Friends

In the program, information about the training and care of animals is provided, as well as the help of animals in need of help.

This Is My Fairy Tale Series

This Is My Fairy Tale series starring Survivor 2020 champion Cemal Can Canseven and singer Aleyna Tilki.

The series is about the experiences of a young girl with stage fright.

The cast of the series, directed by Kıvanç Baruönü, includes many actors such as Hasan Denizyaran, Merve Sevin, Göksun Büyükkahraman, Nevra Serezli. Alayna Tilki's brother Ayça Tilki also stars in the series.


The video format of escape, published by YouTuber Alper Rende on his channel, continues as a competition program on Exxen.

10 contestants ' adventurous escape moments are shown in the program.

This competition is full of action and fun, where the first contestant to escape wins a cash prize. In the competition, Alper Rende is both a presenter and a contestant.

I Laughed Out Loud

I laughed out loud, a program with a similar concept to The Laughing Boy we've seen on Star TV screens before.

Ezo Sunal, the daughter of Kemal Sunal and the sister of Guldür Guldür presenter Ali Sunal, is hosting again.

I laughed out loud, which features funny and sweet children from each other, offers a deluge of laughter to those who watch with different sketches in each episode.

2008 National Team Story

The documentary about the Turkish national team, which impressed the whole world by putting its stamp on the European Championship, deals with unknown aspects of the excitement and achievements experienced in deeuro 2008.

Super 1 Team

The cartoon series, prepared by the Grafi2000 team, the creators of King Shakir, has cute characters from each other that will attract the attention of children.

In the Super 1 team cartoon series, two children named Birce and Birol are told about their interesting adventures with their team consisting of a bear, a chicken and a robot.

Survivor Auditions

What happened during the audition of Survivor, one of the legendary competitions in television history, was the parts that the viewer did not see.

This difficult process and the unknowns experienced in the background before the candidates were elected are revealed by the Survivor audition program.

No Limit

Excitement enthusiasts come together in the No Limit program, where the heart of Extreme sports beats...


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