Survivor 2021 First Competitor Announced! Who is CEMAL HÜNAL? Who Is The Desolate Man?


The first name to compete in the Survivor 2021 contest, which will be broadcast on TV8 screens, has been announced. Cemal Hünal was the first to enter the Survivor 2021 squad. Thus, Ünlüler staff began to be announced by Acun Ilıcalı! So who is Cemal Hünal and where is he from? Vital. Biography. Height, sign and weight ...

Who is Cemal Hünal?

The first contestant to be included in the Survivor 2021 squad has been announced.

Acun Ilıcalı announced the first contestant to go to Survivor 2021 as Cemal Hünal.

Acun Ilıcalı announced the first contestant with the "Uninhabited man, uninhabited island" note on his Instagram account.

Cemal Hünal will fight in the Ünlüler team in Survivor 2021.

Cemal Hünal's Instagram Address

Who is Cemal Hünal?

Cemal Hünal was born on October 2, 1976 in Maçka, Teşvikiye, Istanbul.

Cemal Hünal is 1.79 tall and 76 kg. Zodiac sign is Libra.

He spent his childhood in Maçka, in an apartment built by his grandfather and named after him, in the Cemal Hünal Apartment. He has a brother named Kerem. His father is Atilla Hünal, an additional industrialist. Her mother's name is Vicki Hünal.

After studying at Saint Benoit French High School in Istanbul for two years, he was sent to Scotland, Gordonstoun International Summer School in 1993, when he was 17, due to the disciplinary problem he experienced. He then studied theater and cinema at Los Angeles Ucla Extension, Santa Monica Collage and London Film School. He has appeared in various short films in the United States of America. He also worked in kitchens throughout his university life. He was a dishwasher, cook, bartender. He was most recently a script analyst in Los Angeles.

In his cinema career, which he started with the movie "Ulak" in 2007, he became known with the movie "Issız Adam" shot in 2008. Between 2007 and 2009, he played in the "Asi" series shot in Antakya. There is a village house with horses and dogs in Antakya.

He has an Italian restaurant named "Zazie" in Nişantaşı and a beach club-style establishment called "Port Sedef" in Sedef Island in Istanbul Islands.

He was previously married in Los Angeles at his age and divorced in 2004 at the age of 28.

Cemal Hünal married Lale Cangal on September 18, 2011.

Plays in the theater

- 2 in 1: Ahmet Kazanbal - Gate Performing Arts 2015

Anger (play): John Osborne - Theater Bee - 2012

The Smell of Love: Neil Simon - Theater Şenay - 2010

TV series he starred in

Asi (2007-2009) - Kerim

Winter's Tale (2009) - Ali Murat

Adana (2010) - Alex

They Wrote You to Me (2011) - Yalçın

Once Upon an Ottoman: Kıyam (2012) - Murat

Ottoman Slap (2013) - Mongolian

Tatar Ramadan (TV series) (2013) - Rustem Sinan

Shattered (2014) - Alper

Movies he starred in

Red (2015) - Hope

Günce (2013) - Cengiz

Romantic Comedy 2: Bachelorette (2013) - Mert

Chaos Spider Web (2012) - Mansur

Ayaz (2012) - Şahin

Romantic Comedy (2009) - (2010) - Mert

Peşpeşe - (2010) - Bora

Desolate Man: Cagan Irmak - (2008) - Alper

Messenger: Çağan Irmak - (2007) - Ulak İbrahim


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