Survivor 2021 Cast-Celebrities And Hearts! Who Are The Survivor 2021 Contestants?

 Have the contestants for Survivor 2021 been announced? Has the trailer for the new season of Survivor been released? When will the competition start on TV8 screens? Has the Survivor 2021 roster been announced? Who's on the celebrity and volunteer team?

In this article, we will tell you about the names that will be included as contestants in the Survivor 2021 squad. The competition, which received a lot of attention due to the pandemic last year, is also expected to break ratings records this year. In addition, major changes to the format are expected, as can be seen from the names mentioned for the competition.

Among the names included in the article are the names that will be definitively included in the competition, but not the exact information, there are also names that have not yet been clarified. We've analyzed the situation for you. We found the names that made the most of the news that they were going to participate in the competition and put them together for you in a video. It is especially noticeable that the male contestants are very physically strong. Those names!

Named For Survivor 2021 Celebrity And Volunteer Roster

Cemal Hünal

Actor Cemal Hünal, known for the film Desert man, was the first name announced to join survivor and
Acun Ilıcalı made the announcement from his own social media account. Now, if you want, let's take a quick look at the other contestants.

Öykü Çelik
Barış Özbek
Batuhan Karacakaya
İsmail Balaban
Emin Günenç
Meryem Kasap
Burak Kanpalta
Sıraç Yıldırım
Mustafa Aydın
Berk Kasap
Celal Sarıgül
Ayşe Begüm Onbaşı
Emrecan Yalçın
Rıfat Özkök
Onur Albayrak
Ayyüce Coşkun
Çağkan Çulha
Meliz Redif
Finally, Asli Cakir Alptekin is expected to participate in the competition.

So when will Survivor Turkey start 2021?
The competition is expected to start on January 16 or January 23.

So much for our summer. The list will be announced by TV8 very soon.


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