Once Very Famous Turkish TV Series Actors!

 In our article, we brought together the sought-after stars of both the TV industry and the screen, who were once at the top. So, what happened to the players who once blew like the wind, disappeared?

In fact, it will be more revealing if we can address this question in a few articles.

It's Hard To Stay On Top!

The acting industry is a well-paid profession, but its continuity is very difficult. He doesn't have a certain age, no retirement, and no hours.

Like any profession, its rules are unclear. You expect to be involved in a good project for days, months or years. Let's say you're selected for the cast audition.it's not over yet. And the production company has to approve you, and you have to understand the fee, and of course you have to fit in with the project.

After all this happens, the channel, the producer and the series triangle must have an agreement so that the series can move forward. All that remains is the audience and the rating leg, and this stage is, of course, the most difficult test. Episodes are filmed each week if the series is liked by the audience and featured in the advertising cake. About 150-200 people, including set employees, also have jobs. If the opposite happens, the series is removed from the broadcast. It becomes difficult to turn to another project, but things are very difficult for anyone who is in front of the camera and behind the camera who is on set.

If the project holds; fans of characters, fans of players multiply, as well as advertising and project offers come from many places. Of course, as you play day by day and in projects, the cachet of the player increases and its value increases.

That's why the artist, who has given his years, has little meaning in countries like Turkey. Tell will be explained;

Do You Experience? The Money? Torpedoes?

When a project is presented in Europe, the information list is shared.

They stick a paper on the backstage door that says how much the player will get in front of him for how many years. Here there is a value to years of Labor, not popularity. In our country, unfortunately, this situation is a little different.

An experienced player involved in many projects, of course, will have a high fee. Since this is not something that the producer companies approve of, new players are preferred. So players who once dragged their fans behind them, a phenomenon, gradually disappear. On the one hand, the logic of cheap workers, which is constantly growing, and on the other hand, the economy prevails as a result of the confrontation of proven players who have given their years to this job.

Another situation is that relatives, spouses, and friends in the art world completely close the doors to those who come from outside, passing work to each other. Relations that we can call torpedoes among the people prove to us how difficult this job is again.

Actually, it doesn't matter if you read school, work and spend years.

If you have a little luck, a little environment, you can stay at the top for years with a little talent. Countless examples of this have been seen in our country for years.

For this reason, in our country, actors, singers or people who are famous in a project and have news everywhere can not hold on after a certain time.

Being Famous Isn't As Easy As It Sounds!

From here, we give advice to friends who want to become players... this is a type of profession where their paradigms are constantly changing and it is becoming more and more difficult.

The sad thing is that art is not a job to be done in someone's monopoly, or by moving away from the worry of the future. We hope that in the coming years, the value of the artist will be understood more and the value of real artists will be known.

We have come to the end of our article and below we have compiled for you a few of our players who were once very popular for you.

Some of our players whose stars have been extinguished in the last 10 years;

1- Aslı Tandoğan

He took the lead role of lip to heart and became a name that everyone loved with his innocence. After a rowdy and a few motion pictures, she married and became a mother.

2- Burak Hakkı

After that series, Burak Hakkı, one of the lead roles of Liptan Kalbe, came up with a few jobs, but he never had an old light again.

3- Cansel Elçin

Cansel Elçin, the girl's lover with his good looks, was usually the wanted jönen of every series, but he has not been around for many years.

4- Selen Seyven

Selen Seyven, with his sweet smile and slanted eyes, was both a sympathetic and a complete television face. He took part in many unfinished projects.

5 - Burcu Kara

June Decker, who we know as the emotion of the night, married and divorced the Turk, Yavuz Bingöl, and completely took a break from these jobs.

6-Naz Elmas

What an unfortunate project Naz Elmas, who won us all acclaim as the beautiful havin of the series June night, was never again did not work.

7-Zeynep Beşerler

Kenan Imirzalioglu and Zeynep Beşerler, whose name is mentioned, were once the sought-after actress of every series and are constantly busy with the magazine agenda

had been. No one has seen Zeynep Besherler, who was a name known to everyone who played in Tarkan's Dudu clip, outside of social media.

8 - Ahu Türkpençe

Ahu Turkpence, the star of an Istanbul Fairy Tale series that is eagerly awaited every week, has not heard much for years. He also appeared in many films, series and it didn't get as much attention as it used to.


Janset, who built a throne for hearts with a series of half apples that we all loved, was the star of an era. He later starred in the film Where Are you Firuze. Janset, who starred in a few more projects, moved away from the world of television as time progressed.

10-Selin Demiratar

We have not seen Selin Demiratar, the beautiful beauty of bitter Life series, in any project for a very long time.

11-Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Mehmet Akif Alakurt, known for the series Sila, was on the agenda with the negative things he allegedly did on set rather than on the series. After a couple of projects, alakurt, whose star has completely disappeared, is now attracting attention with social media blunders. He comes up with news of the lynching.

12-Özgür Çevik

Known for the foreign groom series, Free Agile has lost popularity over time, appearing on several projects, but still returning to its old days he couldn't live.

13-Arzu Yanardağ

Arzu volcano, known as the lover of Director Mustafa Altıoklar, was once involved in many projects. But for years has not been seen.

14-Merve Sevi

He became a player we all loved with his sweetness and sympathies. For many years, he has found himself in a highly rated project we can't see.

15-Özlem Düvencioğlu

We all loved the blue of the thief cop show. Having a wide fan base with curly hair, slanted eyes and character

Özlem Düvencioğlu has completely withdrawn from these works over time.


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