My Home My Destiny ( Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir ) Series Players - Series Analysis

 My Home My Destiny Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir Series Analysis

In this article, we carefully examined the sequence of the House in which you were born is fate. For you, the House in which you were born is fate, we have prepared a sequence analysis.

A weekly television series called “the House where you were born is Destiny”, produced by OGM Pictures signature, directed by Çağrı BAYRAK and written by a very high quality and strict team of five people, was released to the audience on December 25, 2019.

It is a Turkish drama series written by Doruk ERENGÜL, Seray ŞAHINER, Defne GÜRSOY, Ayşenur çıkar and Mehmet Canpolat.

My Home My Destiny From What Book?

Adapted from gulseren Budayicioglu's work “the girl in the glass”, the series takes its place in the head corner on TV 8 screens owned by Acun Ilicali with real cross-sections from inside life.

The House Where You Were Born Is Your Destiny

The series stars Demet ÖZDEMIR and Ibrahim ÇELIKKOL.

The house you were born in Is Your Destiny, Zeynep who? Who Is Demet Ozdemir?

Who Is Ibrahim Celikkol?

In the series, Faruk character Engin HEP forward, Barış character Engin ÖZTÜRK, Emine character Naz GÖKTAN, Hülya character Sultan DUYAR, Noah character Fatih KOYUNOĞLU, Cemile character Elif SÖNMEZ portrays.

Who Is Engin Öztürk? How old is Engin Ozturk?

Who Is İncinur Sevimli? How Old Is She? Height weight

My Home My Destiny - Series Analysis

If we consider the series in its original form along with its outline, huge differences inevitably catch our eye in an instant. The screenwriters ' imagination immediately showed itself here and influenced the series. Zeynep (Demet Ozdemir) appears in the series as the daughter of a poor family.

Zeynep's mother and father, unfortunately, were always absent, people who could not devote enough time to their daughters, could not think of their daughters. Her father is grumpy, grumpy, drunk and belligerent; her mother is a poor woman who has been violent, scared and cornered by her husband, Zeynep's father, for many years in the series. This situation has also worn out Zeynep, believing that this is her fate, Zeynep's brother unfortunately lost his life many years ago due to poverty, and Zeynep never knew her brother.

Zeynep's mother and father can no longer endure this poverty, and they give Zeynep for adoption to the lady and brain of the house where her mother works. Zeynep grew up between these two families, believing that she could draw her fate, thinking that her own mother and father had always made sacrifices for her. He received a good education next to his new family, that is, his second family, and earned a law school. He also meets Mehdi(Ibrahim DEMIRKOL) by chance from his old neighborhood, where he was born and lived for a while. He goes on a long road where he will experience whether the next part of his life is his fate drawn from the house where he was born, or whether he will determine his fate himself.


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