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'Mehdi' Is Not Alone!

Books written by psychiatrist and author Gulseren Budayicioglu from real life stories

he became the focus of attention of producers in the series industry when he was highly acclaimed by readers.

The author's books are the bride from Istanbul, the Red Room, the apartment of innocents and the House where you were born is fate

he inspired his series.

The House You Were Born In Is Your Destiny From What Book?

The House where you were born Is Your Destiny scripted by Gulseren Budayicioglu from the book Girl in glass.

But those who read the book know that the book and the series are separated in most places.

Example the character of Mehdi mentioned in the book Girl in glass is nerdy, having communication problems, efendi

and he's a calm doctor.

The character of Mehdi in the series is babayiğit, brave, running to everyone's problems, wrong in the wrong family

he grew up with education, is the brother of the neighborhood, close to psychopathy and tries to stay really good

it's character.

I immediately look at social media when the series, which locks the audience on the screen every week, is over. Curious reviews

I do. When I read the comments, I think Mehdi was a little unfair.

Mehdi has been caring for his family since his father was killed and is still struggling to stay afloat. Zeynep

and he walks around the Mahdi saying, ' my lines are clear’, constantly reminds himself, constantly gives hope

and he always attracts the attention of the Mahdi.

Zeynep stays between her two mothers and is attracted to both of them. In this case, their love is somehow on track

he will go through great chaos that will not sit down.

Mehdi made mistakes in his marriage by misdirecting his sister, but he regretted it a lot.

He tried so hard to change, he tried so hard, only a person who loves does it. Maybe a big one holding your hand,

if you had a guide, Mehdi wouldn't have made those big mistakes.

A man with a sharp edge like Mehdi buried a lot of things just to win Zeynep. In many ways

a kind of fate motif of the families of Zeynep and Mehdi, who do not fit together but marry for their loved ones

they couldn't change it.

Mehdi Zeynep's mother took care of his father, his father's veteran shop just for the sake of change

he sold it, went into debt, was beaten to death by Burhan and his men at work, just because Zeynep wants

how can this man be more calm... What can he do when he was divorced, his sister was killed…

But like the Mahdi character Burhan, who is subjected to negative comments on the part of women every week

it's not known if he's confused with the characters, we think he's been wronged by the audience.

Burhan's character, for example, has nothing to defend. What we're really uncomfortable with is that you're mine.

the anger of these mindsets, who kill women with the logic of the Earth, is so great that in fact the Mahdi

he gets his share of it.

I see a huge amount of female anger as we look at the comments. The reason for this is that for many years

it's not the law or the more aggravated laws.

The Home You Were Born In Is Your Destiny 24. Episode Series Analysis

We are so wounded that we have been left so alone with the issues of violence against women and women's rights...

events have accumulated anger within society for years, and we no longer have a scenario to endure.

Women's fights with guys like Burhan...or Ali captains in his series!!

The character of Müjgan, played by Zeynep Auburn, burned hearts this week. Teoman Kumbaracioglu

Burhan won the hatred of all of us with his character, but these psychologically diseased relationships, wrong fate

his motives don't just cost a person's life, unfortunately…

I think it's crawling with characters like Mehdi. In other words, the Mahdi character in the series is like Zeynep

it is implied that every week he will kill will bring something to his head, and the audience watches in horror.

Mehdi  is a young man who loves his wife, and he is being tested in a culture where he does not belong.

Despite this, he still retains his humanity to the fullest. And he's nervous about his sister's killer.

how can he behave if he doesn't attack?

Zeynep has opened her eyes, and Mehdi  will calm down with fear ! Mehdi, calm down! I wonder, I ask you. You

if your blood is killed, will you calm down ... that's all you give up !! …

Screenwriters must either bring a character like Mehdi to good terms or keep him away from Zeynep. Older sister

a man who hasn't experienced his pain since he died doesn't keep a house near his ex-wife…

It won't be so much anymore when you're not on the screen watching it! it makes you say what you're talking about... that's nonsense.

He makes Mehdi look like a psychopath, but no psychopath worries about keeping a house while his pain is fresh.

realism please…

He grew up with a neighborhood culture like Mehdi, wore psychopathic armor to stay afloat, and such a stance

of course, Zeynep's view of life will clash with someone who has continued to exhibit.

But the world has changed, times are changing, something can bend and bend ... and in terms of setting an example for people

and in terms of showing its possibility, the screenwriters need to think a little ... or love

win or violence…

He did not see love from his mother and father, and like Mehdi And Him, who suppressed it in other ways

characters are the wound of this society. I wish we could have led the way, even if they were open to education and development.

The end of the series, which is based on a real-life story, is wondered by the audience. Inshallah example

it ends with endings and everyone gets a lesson. enjoy the show…

Written By: Abba Production


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