Leyla Everlasting - 9 Times Leyla Film Analysis

 Haluk Bilginer, Demet Akbağ, Elçin Sangu “9 Times Leyla” Despite This Squad Fiasco!

The Turkish-made comedy film, released on Netflix, did not find the attention it expected from the audience and was showered with criticism on social media.

Even Arzu Sabancı, the famous name of the society's life, also criticized the film on his social media account.

Sabancı said, " all the movies and series I started, even if the ones next to me don't like it and leave it, I persistently finish watching. I couldn't finish it. Such a film to such a cast. Why?” she wrote.

I also wanted to look at the film Leyla 9 times, which was commented on too much, from another angle and make a criticism.

'9 Times Leyla' Film Criticism

9 Times Leyla Film Analysis

In fact, we all know that Adam Eve was each other's first and greatest love. A lot of people knew it like this until the movie, but the movie begins to tell us by showing that Adam's first wife was a fairly beautiful Lilith with red hair, white skin.

Legends that say that Adam's first wife was Lilith, not Eve, are quite common in the religions of Judaism and Christianity.

According to legend, Lilith is Adam's wife, created before Eve.

But in some beliefs, Lilith was tried to be portrayed as the mother of evil and was shown as a red-haired witch who collaborated with the devil.

As legends continue for centuries, the film begins to tell us right here.

Lilith fought for an equal life with Adam and argued that they were stubborn and equal in everything.

Both of them were unhappy about equality, stubbornly until the end, making their entire lives difficult.

This peace has also been shown as the reason for escaping from heaven.

The Film shows us Lilith, Adam's first wife, closely, showing her life, experience, tolerance and what a strong character she has experienced over the centuries.

9 times Leyla film tells us exactly about Lilith's spirit world, her piscology and how she was ignored, her feelings, her struggle with sacrifice, not dying for centuries, while no one hears Lilith's voice and speaks anywhere in the world.

Lilith constantly forgives Adam, ignores him and embraces him with love, and this has been going on for centuries.

Even if Adam changes, Leyla will always exist!

Although Adam has changed, Leyla will always exist, and she always starts again, cursed with immortality.

Adam, who is between the two women, plans to kill and rid Leyla of her severin.

Although it is disappointing that he is now an enemy to Leyla, with whom he was once bound by love, Leyla, who continues to live without seeing with Love, draws attention to the sacrifice of many women.

The soundtrack of the film, which seems far from detail and absurd to most of us, and Adam's court with Adam inside his head with musical accompaniment, returning to his inner world every time he tries to kill Leyla, also shows us how inconsistent and confused Adam is.

In the film, Adam's infidelity to Leyla eventually leaves him to die, but Leyla never dies.

The fact that Leyla doesn't die makes Adam very afraid and make mistakes.

This mess turns his home life into hell, and Adam begins to move away from his wonderful home, the Garden of Eden.

The film's decor, paintings and manuscripts are quite remarkable.

The frames, which also contain traces of the Forbidden Apple story, are quite dense in the film.

As a result, the right path may not have been followed as a form of expression, on the one hand, when defending the woman, the psychological violence inflicted on the woman, and the woman's world.

One of the reasons for such a reaction is the expectation of a film that is more understandable or funnier than Demet Akbag, Haluk Bilginer and Fırat tanış, which we love very much.

As an actor, we can say that Euphrates has created a great character, despite the script.

Ezel Akay, who also writes scenes for himself in every movie, does not accept criticism.

But if there was a question about who made this movie, I would watch the movie and say Ezel Akay.

Because there are so many signs from the director's own world.

In a scene from the old film Where Are you Firuze ye also makes very short references in the musical sense. Careful viewers have noticed.

It may be a movie whose value will be understood over time... but as a movie viewer, I didn't like it. Let the path be clear…

Written By: Abba Production


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