Lettering Advice for Fools and Unconscious People Who Don't Like Animals

 We continue to give advice on our site that gives advice in Hunhar. Everyone can read this article for fools who don't like animals, and also for the unscrupulous.

For endangered animals

Due to changes in climate and the earth, poaching, natural disasters, chemical wastes, global warming, melting of glaciers and many other negative factors, animals and plants are becoming extinct. The balance of nature is faced with disruption due to these reasons mostly caused by humans.

Scientists warned that if this goes on, 20 percent of the animals will be destroyed by 2028, and emergency action plans are to be made. But neither can many animal species be faced with extinction, only by direct hunting.

When the ecological balance is disturbed, many problems await mankind. It is an inevitable end that people will not be able to reach these species even as animal food.

When the balance of the world is disturbed, all humanity will surely get its share from the negative situations that will arise. Many social movements and actions cannot prevent the extinction of these species.

The World Foundation for Conservation of Nature states in its 2016 Living Planet Report that it is not only the animal that is extinct but this situation will affect humanity as well. In other words, when the ecological balance is disturbed, it will come to the human generation. Unfortunately, people who ignore these warnings may be preparing their own end.

In the last four hundred years, 89 mammals have been declared extinct in animal deaths. While animals were killed to protect and feed in ancient times, these reasons changed over the centuries and turned into massacres.

Although fur and leather, the symbol of wealth and wealth, were not needed, millions of animals were slaughtered just to be offered to the rich. Of course, nature will not forgive such a massacre. Although animal lovers constantly act on these issues, there is a certain group that kills animals just for the sake of pleasure. He uses it as accessories and clothes.

The fact that our world has big problems makes this problem difficult to solve.

Habitat deterioration, overfishing, environmental pollution, industrial wastes, diseases, excessive consumption, natural disasters, floods, forest fires, groundwater pollution caused by earth movements and many problems threaten our planet.

In addition, it is clear that land use for the industrial sector, agricultural policies, mining sectors, oil, chemical residues, factories, furniture sector and infrastructure threatens the future of plant and animal species by destroying their natural habitats.

It has been announced that approximately two million animal species have been discovered since mankind took over the world. However, looking at species that have been erased from the world over the centuries, they are only a small part of the animal world.

Efforts to protect the animals, plants and people of our world are insufficient. Although the associations decide that education should be provided in schools and everywhere about informing more people, economic conditions do not allow this situation. This world is an issue that can be solved largely when states and people act jointly and meet in common consciousness.

Expanding conservation areas for animals, enacting heavy laws, informing the public about climate and nature factors, spreading the energies obtained from nature, producing balanced policies for production and consumption, and regulating the food industry can at least reverse the disaster that awaits the world.


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