Is Maria And Mustafa Finished? Why Don't You? Did He Make The Final?

İs the ATV Screens ' series with Maria, which started with high hopes, over? Why no new episodes? Why is it over? Will it continue? Decommissioned? Did he make the Final?

Hilmi Cem Intepe Fans Are In Great Shock!

He succumbed to another series of ratings races. Maria and Mustafa started the television world and broadcasting life with high hopes on September 6, 2020 with the first episode on Atv screens. Even the preparation phase of the series took months of very meticulous work and an extremely high quality work was produced. Although it started in quite difficult conditions due to the pandemic, the series was quite liked in its first episodes. The weekly television series, under which Faruk Teber personally sits in the director's chair, unfortunately made its final farewell to screens on the evening of December 27, days before 2021.

17, posted on his YouTube channel. Part 2. with the trailer, he announced and gave his viewers the news of this sad final decision. Fans of the series expressed their sadness and reaction under the trailer video.

Maria And Mustafa Made The Final!

Is Maria And Mustafa Finished?
Looking at the cast of the series, the lead roles included Brazilian actress and model Jessica May and Hilmi Cem Intepe, who frequently mentioned her name in Survivor competitions and then sailed into acting. The series also featured names such as Tamer LEVENT, Rahmi DILLIGIL, Alpay ATALAN, Ezgi Celik, khaki Reaper and Mustafa Popan. His script came out of Birol ELGINÖZ's pen; the two lovers are not alien to us by Telltale or immediately type the subject both dramatic and romantic story of the early Vedas, the reason for the series is a victim of the ratings war. It is really sad that the Turkish-made series will say goodbye to the screens because it cannot see the expected great appreciation and interest. Although it is actually a quality series with every aspect, unfortunately, the end is inevitable if the audience does not find the script interesting.

Will Maria And Mustafa Continue?

In the series , Maria YILDIRIM (Jessica MAY), the daughter of a Colombian mother and a Cappadocia father, returns to that unique unique land that fascinates her, where she was born after many years, but was forced to leave at a very young age. In this land where he was born, where he opened his eyes to the world, he also finds the love of his life, which is not known if it is a quirk of fate. Fate suddenly brings Mustafa Candemir (Hilmi Cem İNTEPE), the son of the Candemir family, one of the largest, respected and well-known families in the region. These two young men soon fall madly in love with each other. Maria, who was forced to leave when she was a little girl, opens the doors of a new world with Mustafa, who she thought would achieve a lifetime of happiness in this beautiful land of horses, but the impossibilities and difficulties cling to their collars and follow them. Although there is a considerable audience who want the series to continue, which came to the screens for the last time with the Final episode, unfortunately, this does not seem possible. as a series analysis site that publishes series news, we wish the staff success in their new projects…


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