How Much Do Turkish TV Series Players Earn?

 How Much Do Turkish TV Series Players Earn?

Turkish TV Series Sector has come to a very important place both in our country and in the world. Turkish TV series have been watched in many countries of the world in recent years. This is a great opportunity for the recognition of our country, for the recognition of our players and for keeping the cultural economy alive.

Turkish TV Series Industry is Growing Day by Day!

Our series, which has turned into major investments since 2013, especially in the Middle East, China, Ukraine, Pakistan, Turkic Republics, Russia and the Balkans, has been published in more than seventy countries, bringing a great economic investment.

With the changing direction of communication, TV series and cinema culture, which everyone can access in different platforms on different platforms, is growing day by day thanks to satellite technologies. Of course the internet is one of the biggest pillars of this.

In TV series; While dealing with topics such as love, affection, moral fights, personal issues, family life, economy, poverty, wealth, politics, mafia, and psychology, it has reached a point that has grown its audience day by day.

In addition, those who watch the series belong to that region or country; They also have important knowledge about culinary culture, how people dress, how they talk, family values ​​of that culture, female-male relationships, education, health, architectural features, structures, historical artifacts, traditions and religions. This cultural transfer has been the fastest thanks to serials and visual arts.

TV Series Provide Employment

While the TV series industry provides employment for many people, having to work long hours is one of the important problems of this sector. The fact that the plays in the series must always be young, beautiful and well-groomed reveals a different sociological situation.

It would not be right to think that generations who take care of their lives in TV series should be happy. Because TV series sell us the dream everyone wants to live. As long as this artificial situation is good for the psychological world of people, the series will continue. Of course, this is not the only reason to watch TV series.

People living in foreign countries, those who are curious about other cultures, those who leave their place of birth and grew up, immigrants, those who look for familiar faces, those who are longing for the country and the reasons related to this increase the viewing of the series, while the TV series act as a bridge.

According to another research, people; They will never stop watching TV series because they have high hopes of finding that excitement in their life, which has lost their routine, excitement and going towards callousness.

Of course, sociologists, psychologists, and social engineers are the subject of many psychological identifications, such as sorrowing for imaginary heroes, rejoicing with them, laughing with them, learning lessons for yourself, and so on.

Many people take part in the TV series, and the average number of employees exceeds a hundred. As a result of hours and days of work, an important advertising cake is distributed, while the players receive the highest fee. Of course, we are talking about the producer and the working segment after the channels.

Even if the big responsibility is put on the player and they get the biggest money, a set; Everyone, from hairdresser to art assistant, costume, editing, director, cameraman, is very important and valuable.

As such, the main lifeblood of the series is that the actors in front of the camera are paid big money, but in most places, too much fees are mentioned.

How much do TV actors earn?

The constantly growing player in a decade and the low wages of new arrivals in Turkey while causing the offer to go to other players, veteran players in smaller projects is no longer even take the unseen caused.

In this regard, there is a conflict between the new players and the new players. You may have noticed that they have millions of fans, then they disappeared. The biggest reasons for these disappearances are the unfair distribution in the TV series industry.

That's why we recommend that you do not rely on the weekly writings that are written everywhere. We have collected the most accurate information from the executive producer for you. You can take a look at the photo gallery to see the players on the list of how much the players earn in the TV series industry. You can also watch it as a video if you wish. Source: Abba Yapım


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